Brown Duck Lake: MMT100 Training?

No, I am not going to run VHRTC’s MMT100 although after the last couple of weekends I might as well consider it training.

Running sensei said, “Time on your feet and up!” I saluted smarted and started looking for something that was going to get me both. After much searching and Google Earth satellite image hunting (looking for snow) I headed out to Ashley National Forest with the intent of making it to Kidney Lake. Kidney Lake is a 18 mile round trip.  No problem, I thought.

IMG_3618Heading up the trail it started off sweet and innocently enough.  Then the rocks started.  Not little rocks, no, no rocks the size of basketballs+.  The picture to the left is one of the better sections of trail.  This is the kind of trail that you wonder if it truly is a trail or was it the bottom of a creek that someone had the “ingenious” idea of making INTO a trail.  7+ soul crushing miles later of doing nothing but picking, plodding and praying that I didn’t fall or sprain something Brown Duck lake came into view. It truly was gorgeous; however, at this point I was fried mentally and physically.  It took 2.5 hours to get 7 miles.  It wasn’t from a lack of trying to go faster it was just the conditions on the trail.  There was no way I was going to make it another 2 miles up, and then 9 miles back down to the car.  Enough was enough.  I spent ~20 minutes at the lake.  I soaked my feet and my knees in the cold water and headed back.   My watch died ~3 miles from the car.

All told (what I had) it was 2640′ of climbing.  With over 5 hours on my feet.  14(ish) miles.  I don’t think I’ve ever gone so stinking slow in my life, but…

I came home with all my teeth and no sprained anything!


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