Slow down, cut yourself some slack, it will be ok!

“Seriously, it’s ok to cut yourself some slack. I’m thrilled with 3 days a week of movement.” -Sainted Mary

IMG_3201My Dad has this little ditty that he sings when he is stressed out.  “Slow down you move too fast, you gotta make the moment last kicking down the cobble stones looking for fun an feeling groovy.”  Over and over again he would sing it.  It wasn’t until I was an adult I realized that the lyrics were wrong and, yes, I still sing it with the wrong lyrics.  It’s funny the things we pick up from our parents because when I’m stressed out I always hear his voice in my head singing that song.

School has been extremely overwhelming two words:  Biostatistics 2.  If that wasn’t enough finals are coming, professors are changing group projects to individuals projects two weeks before they are due, and professors assigning 10 page papers two weeks before they are due.  My stress level has been through the roof.  There have been numerous days where all I’ve done is sit my tush in front of the laptop in the dining room for 12+ hours straight trying to get everything done.  Compound this with a stubborn pollen count that doesn’t seem to want to drop down and it’s a recipe for disaster.

The last time I sat down with Sainted Mary we spoke about the amount of time I’ve been working out.  We discussed how much of a slacker I felt because I’d only been getting in 3-4 days a week and not nearly at the intensity or duration that I’d like.  That’s when Mary looked at me and said;

“You weigh exactly, down to the tenth of a pound, what you did the last time you were here.  Maintenance, we did it for a reason.  Cut yourself some slack.  School is hard, finals are coming, and spring is awful for you.  The fact that you are getting 3-4 workouts in a week and you are getting a mixture of different things is good.  Your body and your mind need a break.  Do what feels good.  Nothing more.  Cut yourself some slack I’m thrilled with 3 days of movement a week.”

I sat there stunned for a minute.  Sainted Mary was tell me what??  I nag and pick at myself every day.   I see the people I call friends throwing down bricks, back to backs, and huge numbers and I feel extremely inadequate.  I wonder if they are going to still call me friends because I “only” did 5 miles and 2 yoga sessions this week.  I worry that I will be voted off the  island because my running has taken a back seat to passing grad school.

Yes, I’m well aware of how absolutely crazy this sounds, but if you’ve ever been injured or sidelined or overwhelmed by life you get where I’m coming from.  It sucks. I just keep reminding myself, “slow down you move too fast, you’ve got to make the morning (moment) last so kicking down the cobble stones looking for fun and feeling groovy…”


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