New science, old science 

“If you told me you were holding crystals I’d tell you you were full of shit. Acupuncture, though, don’t know how it works but holy crap it works.” -My brother the doubter

Ever since the nuclear meltdown 50k I’ve been struggling. Just getting out of bed exceeded my energy capacity. I’ve been foggy and sleeping all the time.  Definitely not generating any of my own body heat. Thank God I’ve been on break from school. Functioning on a daily basis became challenge.

I somehow managed to guilt myself into running and going to CrossFit. How? You know the typical Roman Catholic way: guilt.  You don’t want to be lazy, do you? You don’t want to get fat again, do you?  Yet my progress was not going forward but rather backward. Weight was coming off the bar. My heart rate was spiking and staying at 165 at a WALK.

I took a week off to see if rest would fix it. When I went back my HR was worse than before. Um, yeah, time to go see doc. As I sat in his office showing him the data (logs are super helpful) and described what’s been going on it wasn’t basic functionality that I craved. No. What did I cry? I just want to run again!! Ok, maybe basic functionality would be nice.

I went from doing all the things to none of the things. What was wrong with me??? Several vials of blood later he sent me on my way and we waited for answers.

While waiting for answers I went digging on scientific articles on iron and discovered there are two types of iron: heme and non-heme. Heme (meat sources) has more bioavailability than non-heme (plant) sources. The nutritional recommendation for vegetarians and vegans is 1.8 times that of meat eaters.  I’m not a vegetarian, but I’m not a huge meat eater. Most of my protein comes from plants and cheese. Huh. Maybe I should start taking iron.

Meanwhile, I had an appointment with the acupuncturist. He and I also had a frank conversation about what was going on. He stuck some pins in new places (adrenals) and sent me on my way with a vitamin specifically designed for athletes stating that there was most likely a trace mineral or series of vitamins I dumped from my system. We also scheduled an appointment for him to do some testing on various energy fields for later in the week.

On Monday my bloodwork came back. Thyroid (part of your adrenals) a bit sluggish and SED rate high. SED rates show levels of inflammation in the body. More bloodwork scheduled for Saturday.  Huh, maybe that acupuncturist was onto something….

By Tuesday (day 3) of iron & vitamins I was feeling more clear in my processing. By Thursday I felt sassy enough (plus it was 70*) to try a short run to see what my heart was going to do. It still rocketed up but not nearly as high and I was able to run with it (granted not as fast) at 140. Progress.

Thursday night he did my readings. I didn’t tell him what my blood tests showed. I wanted to see what he was going to find. He laughed because he said that anything that he introduced it would hem and haw until he reintroduced it and then if it didn’t like it it would react strongly. Tolerant until pushed. Huh kind of like the rest of me.

His readings indicated disgruntled thyroid. (Confirmed by bloodwork) Also bacterial infection in sinuses. Lungs had fungus and bacteria. All of which would elevate my SED rate. The most interesting thing was, though, when working the heart he zeroed in on a CoQ10 imbalance. CoQ10 is an enzyme needed for ATP production (turning food into energy). Most folks get enough from their diet oily fish (allergic) and whole grains (allergic). Neither of these things he knew. SO, if I’m not eating oily fish or whole grains it would make complete sense I need CoQ10.

Tomorrow I go back to Doc to have further bloodwork done. We still need to figure out what’s going on.  In the meantime Doc has said if I feel like working out to go for it. I shall call that a GTG!