Wicked 10k & Marine Corps Marathon: A run filled weekend

Now, before you think I’m crazy pants, no I did not run the Wicked 10k AND the MCM.  Rather, I ran the Wicked 10k and cheered at MCM!

Wicked 10K (Virginia Beach) 

img_1182Saturday morning I got up at 2am and drove down to Virginia Beach to run the Wicked 10k with GardenerGirl.  It was her 1st 10k, her first costume race, and her first race where she got a medal!  I’ve been battling some sort of crud since I came back from Utah so I wasn’t expecting a PR.   We agreed before we started that we would begin together, but each of us would run our own race and then meet at the finish.

The weather was nearly perfect.  50 degrees, no wind. An Asthmatics dream.  Even better, it’s amazing what happens when you get all of the muscles firing thanks completely to the MagicalMan who has been putting this humpty dumpty back together again.  What happens exactly?  You wind up not only running your best 10k ever, but you wind up with a negative split too! I’ve been chasingfullsizeoutput_17b2 the sub-1 hour 10k time for a while now.  I had relegated myself to the possibility that it was never going to happen!  I was over the moon thrilled.  Granted, 58:20 isn’t exactly hitting a land speed record, but for me that’s AMAZING time.  GardenerGirl did AMAZING and wasn’t that far behind me!

Marine Corps Marathon

Sometimes you meet people and they stick.  Ella is one of those people.  She was one of the three awesome girls that I met at the Ohio Beast.  Ella had come to DC to run the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday and I was determined to cheer her on.  Sunday morning I got up super early and we (Perry, Charlotte and I) headed to Crystal City to img_1221wait for her to come through.  I wanted to get there early to ensure that not only could I find a parking place, but that I wouldn’t miss her by some fluke.  We even made a sign offering free hugs, and yes, we had some takers.

The great thing about MCM is that their app gives you the tracking information about the folks you are watching.  Big time kudos for them on that.  It made watching where she was much easier.  I was also able to tell when she was struggling so I could send her encouraging text messages.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure how baby trail dog was going to do with all of the commotion.  She handled it like a SUPER champ.  Kids, strollers, uniforms, balloons, runners, you name it, nothing fazed her.  The only downsize was that she wanted to say hi to everyone and her “talking voice” sounds horrific.  I had to explain to people that she was just begging the other dogs “play with meeeeeeeee”.  If you’ve ever heard a husky talk it’s similar.

img_1248When Ella came through we hooped and hollered and gave her a good swift smack on the tush to get moving.   I am so proud of her!  She a freaking badass.  26.2 miles on pavement is amazing.  I think I’m going to stick to dirt.   Maybe I’ll be able to convince her to come over to the fun side!


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