CrossFit: 1 year later..and I didn’t die

One year ago I walked into Trident CrossFit terrified.  The 6am class was, well, intense. To be blunt they scared the shit out of me.  This morning as my alarm went off at 5am to get my ass TO the 6am class it hit me that today was my one year CrossFit anniversary.  As I waited for the 5am class to finish up I saw a girl standing there who seemed terrified.  Before I could walk up to her and say hello one of the trainers who does the baseline assessment said, “Ready?” and walked off with her.  I smiled.  Ah, yes, baseline.

The past year has given me a whole new vocabulary.  I have gained a respect for myself.  Respect to take the rest days. Respect to take it glacially slow when returning from injury to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.  Respect of the things that ARE within my capabilities even if I have to modify the movement a bit.  I’ve learned what movement combinations trigger my asthma and how to deal with that.  However, this year has also given me a few new friends who I adore tremendously.  I can’t imagine my life without them now.  Regardless of where they are in the world we still keep in touch.

I’ve also been pushed WAY outside of my comfort zone.   Every workout there is still that uncomfortable moment where I still say “can I do this?”  Then I have a moment like I did on Saturday where there was a new girl at the workout and she was struggling.  I was able to give her a couple of small tips.  Wait, me?? Wait.  I know how to do the movement?  When did that happen?

“I wish it were easier.”  She said on the 400m run.  We all laughed.  “Oh it never gets easier because just when it gets easy you add more weight or more reps or something….” we told her.  She smiled.  “So this sucks for you guys too?”  “Um, YEAH!” She was relieved.  “You’re doing amazing.”

While I may still be a runner who does CrossFit there is a realization that I had recently. I truly am a CrossFitter now.  Why?  Despite having those two months off when I finally got cleared to go back that is exactly what I did: I went back and I didn’t die.


Park City: Whoa

Dear Colorado, You have competition for my heart now. Love, me

It’s no secret that I love Colorado.  That being said, I just spent aimg_0918 week in Park City, Utah and now I have to say Colorado you’ve got competition.  The air is clean. The people are just as nice, if not nicer.  The mountains are just as magnificent.  While they may not be as high as the Rockies or the San Juans, the Wasatch are drop dead gorgeous. I was truly blown away by how well the trails were marked.  There even appears to be a nice balance of use between the hikers and bikers. Oh yeah, and Utah has Aspens too! All of this with the added bonus of not having legalized pot.

We managed to log well into the double digits hiking during the week we were in Park City. That doesn’t even count the time at #ECSUT.  The more miles covered the more I fell in love with it.  While hiking Donut Falls, a well loved easy trail (and apparently on the weekends crowded, according to AllTrails) we happened to come across a group of 1st and 2nd graders.  Their teachers were using the trail to talk to them about erosion, the power of water, what a watershed is (and why it’s important), among other topics.  This is how kids learn!  This is how kids learn about the environment, why it’s important, why it needs protecting.  With the added bonus of them getting exercise by not being cooped up in a classroom.

Every single person, regardless of age, was super friendly.  From the young to old, hikers, bikers, dog people, non-dog people, everyone was exceptional respectful and friendly.   There was little to no trash on the trails what what little there was you could tell was dropped by accident vice left on purpose.

I think the funniest group that we ran into the trail was this group of three middle-aged men out on mountain bikes.  I was busting the chops of my hiking companions regarding their lack of having seen the Dark Crystal as we came around a switchback.  The guys were hanging out there taking a break.  They heard my comment regarding Dark Crystal and immediately jumped into the conversation.  We bantered back and forth for a little bit about the movie where they used the term skeksis in place of sexy (poor Jim Hensen is probably rolling over in his grave).  They then asked us where we lived.  When we said the DC region they almost all fell over.  “Really?? I thought you were local yokals.”   I guess it’s not normal to find non-locals that far up the mountain.

All I can say is Colorado, you’ve definitely got competition for my heart.