Absolutely not

I am a good asthmatic.  Most of the time anyway.  I take my meds.  My bed is allergen covered.  I have only 1 room of carpet in my  house (and that’s only because it would echo SO bad if I didn’t.)  I do what I can.  I also try really hard not to let my limitations stop me.  Summer in the mid-Atlantic is awful for me.  Training for #ECSUT has been nearly impossible.

Friday I went and saw Doc and we got to talking about weekend plans.  I happened to casually mention I was going to do two 10k races this weekend.  The response I got was immediate and visceral.

“Absolutely not.  If you want to be healthy for Utah, absolutely positively not.  The air quality is going to be shit and the humidity is going to be worse.  If you want to push your luck and wind up sick less than two weeks before the race you’ve been training over a year for you go right ahead.”

Wow.  OK.  Doc normally gives me a very very long leash.  Apparently my piss poor judgement this spring is coming back to bite me in the butt.  This morning at 6AM when I checked the weather (you know just in case a miracle happened) the humidity was 86%.  Ugh…..Then I checked the American Lung Associations Air Quality app.


Yeah it was ugly.  There are times when I am really thankful I’m stubborn.  Then there are times I am thankful that I do listen to ration and reason.  This is one of the latter.

So, instead of running 20k this weekend you can find me at Biker Barre.  Hey, a girl  still has to burn off all of the already allocated calories AND get cardio training in for Utah.  Can it be fall and winter already?  Please?



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