Charlotte Grace: Trail Dog in Training

There has been a new addition to the family.  I’d like you to meet Charlotte Grace.  She’s a 6(ish) month old mutt from Afghanistan.  I say ‘ishIMG_0237‘ because her birth date is a bit of a debate because, well, Afghanistan.  She arrived on a flight from Kabul by way of Abu Dhabi and Amsterdam.  The folks from Puppy Rescue Mission had told me; “Oh she’ll be groggy when she gets here,” and “She’s going to be super sleepy the first few days.” Not my girl.  We opened up the crate and out she popped like a jack-in-the-box.  Her personality was larger than life.

The first day she was here was very low key mainly because I had school.  She unlocked her couch surfing badge and is slowly learning how to use the dog door.  She’s only a puppy so she is going to need some reminding and constant supervision.

Today, her second day, I wanted to start acclimatizing her to her future roll: trail IMG_0266dog.  We drove to a local park that I knew was right on the Potomac River so that Perry could get his swim on pre and post walk as well given that we’ve hit an Africa level of hot and humid here.  She did amazingly well.  When Perry plunged right into the river she charged in, right up to her belly.  Hey, I was pleased as punch considering she’s probably never even seen water.  Then we went out on the trail for a bit of a walk. Considering Perry had been sick and she is just a puppy we did about a mile and a half.  She took to it like a duck to water.  I’m not going to start her running until the vet gives us the all clear.  Once that happens, though, it’s game on!


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