Back in the Saddle Again

After last weekends fubar’ed back I knew that this weekend I was going to have to take it extremely easy. However, I also knew that I needed to log some miles to keep on track for #ECSUT so I came up with an ingenious idea.  I have a number of friends who love to hike, but aren’t runners.  I’ll just see if one of them wants to come out and hike the miles.  Not only will that let me get the miles in, but even if I get the urge to misbehave I can’t.  Yes, occasionally I have moments of genius.

At 0500 I met C at the work parking lot where we transferred all of her stuff into my car and we were off! We were going to go out to the Roller Coast as it was nickIMG_9593named.  Except, we didn’t wind up doing the Roller Coast.  We wound up going south versus north.  Snicker. Oh well.  0600 and we took a quick “proof of life” selfie for her hubby; you know, in case we were eaten by bears along the trail and we were off.

Heading down the trail it was so beautifully quite.  I love the woods first thing in the morning before everything wakes up.  We saw tons of bunnies looking around for their breakfast. Perry was exceptionally disappointed that he was on leash and wasn’t allowed to chase them.  There were scents in the woods that could only be described as delicious.

This was C’s first long hike in a number of years and I was a bit worried for her.  16 miles is nothing to sneeze at and I kept asking her if she was ok.  I know she’s an incredibly strong woman, but again, it’s 16 MILES!!  Every time I asked she said she was fine.  I told her I was a worry wart and to get over it.

As my watch flipped over to 8 miles I stopped dead in the trail.  She stopped about 15 feet behind me.  I pointed to the spot on the ground.  “What?” “That’s it, right there.”  She laughed, stepped up to the spot and we turned around and started walking back towards the car.  I jokingly told her that none of the previous miles would have counted if she didn’t make it to that spot.

As we headed back our first surprise was the little tiny 8IMG_1393” gartersnake.  I almost stepped on the poor guy.  Of course I still squeaked because I wasn’t expecting him, but ok, no harm no foul.  Then a few miles down the trail we came across this less than lovely fellow.  That, my friends, is a copperhead. I saw him first.  I immediately stopped Perry.  He stopped on a dime.  I think he could tell by my body posture that if he didn’t stop we were going to be in BIG do do. We waited and waited and waited for the guy to cross the trail.  He stayed right there for what seemed like an eternity.  Finally he slithered off into the grass.  I’ve had a dog bit by a rattlesnake before, and not only is it not good, but it’s definitely NOT cheap. I picked Perry up, just to be on the safe side and carried him about 50 meters down the trail before putting him down. Another few miles down the trail we saw a Northernblack racer snake.  He was HUGE, but harmless.  Ok, I thought, I had enough herpetology for one day, thankyouverymuch.  At least it wasn’t bears.

We were within 2.5 miles of getting back to the car and Perry was panting quite a bit.  We were crossing open field, and by this time it was nearly noon.  Even though he’d been IMG_1397sucking back my Tailwind and had some Justin’s peanut butter (because they come in single serve packets) he just hit his point of being too hot.  I picked him up and tossed him on my shoulders and when he didn’t fight it I knew he was done.  I wound up carrying him for nearly a mile before he decided that he was ok with walking again.  Poor guy.

C had run out of water around mile 12.  I ran out at mile 14.  We were both ready to hit the car just so we could get a drink.  As we crossed Route 50 I called to C, “0.4 of a mile.” I don’t think she believed me.  As we headed up the last hill I could see the glint of the car windshields, “I can see the car.” “I don’t believe you,” she retorted.  Snicker.

We got back to the car and all three of us sucked back some water.  Turned oIMG_9634n the AC and drove back to C’s car.  Perry immediately fell asleep. So hard, as a matter of fact, I asked C to make sure he was still breathing.  (He was.) After I dropped her off I ran into the grocery store with the underground parking (so it was shaded for baby boy) to grab a couple of things, one of which was the most important item ever.  Yes, that is gelato and yes that’s HIS container. He earned every single lick of it.

All in all today was a great day to get back on the trail.  I managed to get 3200″ of elevation change in.  Covered 16 miles.  Was on my feet for 6 hours and I didn’t break C.  Ok, let me rephrase I don’t  think I broke C.  It’s great being back in the saddle again.



One thought on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. Haha go Perry! He looks so happy being carried 🙂 I always used to worry about the temperature with my dog but luckily she loved getting wet in the sea and rivers


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