The Ultra That Wasn’t

I was supposed to run the Eastern Divide Ultra.  Notice the key word?  Yeah….about that.

Last week was a complete sh!t show.

On Tuesday, I took HRH Perry to the vet for some lameness he was having.  Turns out he has a sprained/strained right front paw.  (Insert swear words here.)  Perry isn’t just my dog he’s my guardian angel when I run.  He can pick up on my asthma attacks before I do.  Heavy sigh.  Ok……scramble to get Uncle Greg to come watch him, plan to take it extra easy and bring lots of extra meds just in case.

On Wednesday, I got my pre-race massage. I have always gotten a massage right before every race I’ve run.  It works the kinks out of my legs and puts me in a happy place. Before I even got off the table my back felt strange.  I just thought it was relaxed, which is strange for me.  All is still good. Focus. Focus.  Focus.

On Thursday morning, as I bent over to put the ice cube tray back into the freezer it just completely locked up.  The only word that came out of my mouth was a long slow fuuuuccckkkkkk.  Perry went scurrying from the kitchen due to the tone in my voice which is usually only reserved for when he’s done something incredibly naughty.  The only thought in my head was, DO NOT FALL TO THE GROUND.  As I shuffled myself into the car to go to work until I could get an appointment with my D.O. I had the epiphany; what happens if I can’t get out of the car once I get to work.  I still hadn’t given up on the thought of doing the race.  I felt like Homer Simpson instead of saying “it’s still good, it’s still good” I was saying, “I can still run.”  Yeah, about that.

Doc snaps me back into place, but then says, “Your whole lower thoracic is completely locked up.   Heat, ice, heat, ice and take a Flexural.” I came home on Thursday still hopeful I’d be able to run. I followed Docs advice to the letter.  I should have known something was up when I had to get up in the middle of the night because of the pain.

Friday morning dawned with a whole lot of nope.  Sitting hurt.  Standing hurt.  Bending hurt.  CRAP……..I texted one of my guys told him the situation and asked him to tell the boss that I wasn’t coming in.

Saturday I was still in massive pain.  After stretching a bit I decided that a hot yoga class might just be the key.  I made my way to CorePower yoga just in time for their 75 minute Level 2 class.  Sun Salutation B was a little rough.  Sun Salutation A was better.  By the time class was done I had no pain at all!!  (cue angel’s singing)

Sometimes life just doesn’t cooperate.  Am I disappointed?  YES! There was absolutely no way I was going to be able to walk 50k let alone run it.  So, now my first 50k will just have to be #ECSUT.  Fingers crossed that it’s another three years before my back does this again.




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