Favorite runs

When I started CrossFit several months ago I was introduced to a woman and my first thought when I met her was, “Whoa, she’s intense, is that how people feel when they meet me?”  I felt like I met my spirit human.  She’s a fantastic human being that, over the course of time, I consider my friend.



Lately, we’ve been managing to carve out time for a run during the week.  Sometimes it is post WOD.  Sometimes it’s just a dedicated run day.  She calls them her slow run days.  I call them speed work.  They are probably one of my favorite workout days; even when they are post WOD.

The reason that they are my favorite isn’t because I am running.  It isn’t because I’m pushing my speed.  It isn’t because of where we are running.  It’s our conversations.  They wander all over the place and they are fantastic.  It’s one of those conversations that if you tried to trace any kind of linear thought process of how you got to where you did you’d have absolutely no clue.  Which, in my opinion, is what makes them amazing.

What’s even more stunning to me is that I am able to talk during our runs.  This may not sound like a big deal, but for this little asthmatic it’s a really big deal.  I guess that means I’m making progress.


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