Grand National People Chase

A couple of weeks ago Special Snowflake’s Mom sent me a text that said, “Wanna  do the Grand National People Chase?”  Me being the apparently “yes slut” I have become said, of course! Now, wait, what’s the Grand National People Chase?  Oh! It’s a 5k at a horse venue over the cross country jumps! Wahoo! IMG_8621


This particular event was going to be extra special because Patient 0 was going to be there!
We never got a chance to celebrate post half marathon due to the Ebola-Monkey-SARS-pox that fell over every one so this was going to be a good opportunity to break out the champagne (after we ran of course).

Earlier in the week the weather guesser had said that it was to be sunny and 60.  Um, yeah, about that.  By the time we got up this morning they were calling for a high of 40 and rain. Oh boy.  That was going to make this SUPER fun.

IMG_8617We went and picked up our pinny; which, are also used when the riders go cross country and our chip.  I was actually quite surprised (in a good way) that we were being chip timed! As we toed the line the shenanigans started.  We were out for a good time, not running for time.   The lead ATV took off and we scampered down the course.

Now, this course is not your traditional obstacle course race.  Nor it is a typical trail race.  When you are running on horse grounds you are running on grass.  You are also going to jump things that 1700+ pound animals jump.   This means not necessarily high (although there were quite a few of those) but definitely wide.  I could list out all of the names of the jumps we “jumped” but honestly it probably wouldn’t make sense to most of you. This course was actually quite fantastic with the number of hills that were in it.  We went up and down several and it was really great.

Perry and I trolled along quite nicely.  Most of the jumps he could get over just fine, then there were a couple that I had to use the handle on his harness to help him up and over.  Then there were a few he went over just fine but then had to wait for me to get over.  Hey buddy, I’m not nearly as nimble as you are. Not to mention my center of gravity is much higher than yours.

There were a couple of water obstacles we were “supposed” to do, but I skirted around. IMG_8625.JPGWhen we got to the second one Perry was not having any of the whole skirting thing.  I let him off leash so that he could prance his way through the water.  I think he forgot it was March because he pranced in and them promptly got the “Holy shit this is cold” face.  Duh.

I leashed him back up and away we went.  We wound up crossing the line in 37 minutes and change.  Not our fastest 5k time, but we definitely got what we came for, which was a good time.

IMG_8630After everyone crossed the line and we got our awesome medals we broke out the celebratory champagne.  We even poured a glass for our missing Disney comrade who had to work today.  Once the champagne was gone we broke into a bottle of 14 Hands (only appropriate when you are at a horse farm). All in told, this was a fantastic race that I can wait to do again!



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