Run Disney Part 1: Enchanted 10k

Many moons ago I had agreed to do the Glass Slipper Challenge; which, is a 10k on Saturday followed by a half marathon on Sunday. My plan had been to go out on the 10k course and just do an easy lope. Spoiler alert; I didn’t. I PRed. Oops. 

0300 came super early. I had to be on the bus by 0400 and I still needed to get through my normal race routine. After sitting around until 0530 they finally kicked off with corral A. By the time my corral got to the start it was 0630. I did, however, manage to find an Alice and a Cheshire Cat right by me!  

Alice Queen of Hearts and Cheshire CatMy plan had been to just go out easy. I had already been warned about walkers not obeying the cardinal rule of staying right. Why there were walkers in front of me I have no idea…

 As I was blowing past people standing in line for the porta potty, walking, character opportunities, etc I have to admit I kind of liked it. Usually I’m the one getting blown past. I just kept trucking along. I didn’t feel like I was pushing my pace at all. Around mile 3 I broke out a Picky Bar and had a snack while I continued to plug along. Hey, it was second breakfast time. Tomorrow for the half Sainted Mary gave me a full fuel plan. 

Just as I was getting bored ShooterGirl started texting me telling me to go faster. Her banter totally made the boring parts go faster.  She made me laugh so hard that I completely forgot I was even running for a couple of minutes. 

runner problems I wasn’t impressed with the 10k course. It was over mile 3 before we even entered the park. Even when we did it was the back side (think deliveries and trash). It wasn’t until mile 4 we got to the front side. We only spent maybe a mile in the park itself then we were right back to the backside. Not very glamorous that’s for sure. 

The finish is a blind finish; you basically pop around a corner and there it is. I had plenty of gas in the tank and I sprinted across the finish line. 1:09! That’s my unofficial (not chip) time. I’m thrilled beyond belief. It’s not a sub-hour (yet) but it is a PR, I am running a half marathon tomorrow, and most importantly I wasn’t supposed to even go that fast! Oops. 


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