Snozilla 2016: Dedication or crazy

The line between dedication and crazy is a very thin one.
Friday was a rest day.  Hooray for rest days!  This morning, however, I awoke to nearly 19″ of snow on the ground with it still coming down an inch an hour.  Wha??  I thought I moved south! After spending 30 minutes shoveling out the driveway (because, you know we couldn’t have the snowblower fixed in time) Perry and I came into the house thinking we were done.  An hour later both he and I were pinging off the walls and we both desperately needed to go for a run.  One tiny problem.  While the main road was plowed my road was not. What was a girl to do?


Yes, I spent 30 minutes and shoveled nearly 300′ just to get out to the main road.  I truly have gone off the deep end.  Dedicated? Crazy? Meh, a little of both??

IMG_8013After I was done I raced inside to put my running clothes before the wind and snow picked up again.  In feels like 11 degree weather this is what I wound up putting on;



Top Layer:

  1. Bergan’s Baselayer
  2. Under Armour 1/2 Zip
  3. Rehoboth Beach Running Company Tech Long Sleeve
  4. Bergan’s Jacket

Bottom Layer:

  1. Eastern Mountain Sport Base Layer
  2. Under Amour Cold Weather Gear
  3. 2 pairs of socks (1 Fits/1 Balega)

This doesn’t take into account the hat, mittens, and my ColdAvenger, every asthmatic winter best friend.

What I did the other day, which I think is GENIUS, I treated my Lone Peaks with Nikwax waterproofing.    It works like a dream.  I’m still getting the NeoShells (they should be here Monday, fingers crossed).  In the meantime,  I was able to get out (with my gaiters on) and get some running in still managing to keep my feet dry.

I kept it short only 1.75 miles due to the low visibility conditions.  We had to run on the main road and with a few plows and medical personnel out on the road I didn’t want us getting hit.  Although, how you could have missed us in bright pink and orange is beyond me.  We returned to the house.  I took a well deserved Epsom Salt bath and promptly inhaled a Udi’s Pizza.  With the extra 600+ calories I burned today I earned every single bite of that sucker.  Plus I’m confident with the amount of snow coming down I will be earning more calories later today.  Sigh.  When will it be spring??



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