Rest Days: Yes, they actually are a thing

ShooterGirl and I joke on a regular basis about rest days.  We both hate them.  We both know we need them.  Yet, both of us have a really hard time coping with them. We will text each other with the rhetorical question; “Rest days are a thing right?”  To which the other will respond, “Yes, they are a thing.”  I now remember why, exactly, they are a thing.

Last Saturday I went trail running with Bourbon’s Mom and CrossFit Runner covering nearly 10 miles.  It was good, it was easy, even if it was sloppy.  Then I kinda,blogger-image-39128797 sorta, maybe, ok, yeah I skipped my rest day and have worked out for 6 days straight.

Normally, my rest days are Monday and Friday; thereby bookending my workouts. Well, Monday was a holiday and it was lunges at CrossFit.  Lunges are good for me and my running.  So off I went.  Tuesday was wall ball hell, er, I mean, no, on second thought no it truly was wall ball hell. Wednesday was Dru’s spin class and oh did he bring it with the climbs and the weighted sprints.  Which leads me to today.

I don’t know if you have heard or not but we are suppose to be getting a record snowstorm tomorrow and Saturday.  This completely jacked up my long run schedule with Bourbon’s Mom.  I knew that if I was going to get it in at all it was going to have to be today.  Now or never.  Even with the “feels like” temperatures being close to 0. I bundled up and off Perry and I went to our favorite running spot.

IMG_7973Last night we got ~1 inch of snow and no one had been on the trails yet.  It was glorious.  The woods were so quiet and beautiful.  The plan was to get 10 miles in.  Not only because that was the training plan, but I had to get in at least 1000 calories because I had budgeted that expenditure with Mary.

When we got 2 miles in I had to take a detour to add on an additional 4 miles.  I knew the trail we were on was going to come out a little over 6 and doing it twice was definitely out of the question. After the detour and we got back on our original trail; that’s when I started to sputter.  The gas light had come on a couple of miles before and now I was really running on fumes.  I knew I had had enough to eat before we started, but I think that all of the workouts this week were starting to catch up to me.  I broke out my emergency Honey Stingers and ate those thinking maybe, just maybe, it truly was a lack of fuel this morning.  At the 8 mile mark I was still struggling.  Walking was definitely NOT an option as it was too cold.  When I popped out onto the road I made the decision to not do the last 2 miles but rather take the direct route to the car.  I hit the car at 9 miles.

More importantly, though, was that I felt like absolute gark.  No gas in the tank. Absolutely none.  Crap…..wait until ShootGirl hears about this.  Oh the lecture I’m going to get. “Dear, rest days are a thing for a REASON.  Don’t be stupid.”  I could hear it now.  Sigh.  Yes, rest days actually ARE a thing.  Got it. Noted.  Good thing I’ve got two built in rest days coming to me.  Snomg!


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