Some girls pay for this

Some girls pay to be covered in mud.  Others go out and find their own.  975milesI definitely fall into the latter camp.  Today’s run I knew was going to be muddy and sloppy based on last night deluge of rain.  As I was getting dressed I tried to pick clothes that if I happened to face or butt plant that they wouldn’t be stained.  Around here we have sand, but we also have clay.  After washing clothes from Georgia’s Spartan Race four times and still having them stained I knew that could very well happen.

The plan was simple and straight forward 10 easy miles.  Bourbon’s Mom is still IMG_7885rehabbing her foot; therefore, the plan was 2 run minutes followed by a walk minute. We are slowly increasing her mileage in preparation for the Disney Run.  I also had invited CrossFit Runner with us.  She and I had bonded one day at a workout.  Runners have a way of sniffing each other out (it also helps when they wear Ragnar logo clothing.)

We started down the farm road which led to single track.  About a half mile down the trail we hit our first hill.  Bourbon’s Mom groaned.  “They are good for you!” I gleefully shouted to her as I dug each foot into the hill to get to the top.  Truthfully, I have a love hate relationship with hills.  I know they are good for me, but they are hard as hell.  I know if I don’t embrace them I will hate them, so I decided long ago to embrace the suck. I also have to admit the ShooterGirl was right.  CrossFit has helped me with my running. Please don’t tell her I said so, I’ll never hear the end of it.

IMG_7891The trail was filled with minor uphill and downhill portions.  One of which, of course, I had to slide down and then land square on my butt.  I laughed as I felt the mud ooze into my tights.  Not only because some girls pay a great deal of money for mud on their skin, but I knew we were going to have to go back up this relatively short (but steep) section.  “I hereby dub thee Butt Hill for making me land on it and improving it.” I said in my most Monty Python and the Holy Grail voice.

We moved along nicely keeping with the 2:1 splits.  Somewhere along the way we all had misjudged at least one puddle and had one (or more) wet feet.  Ironically, no one complained.  All of us, I think, were just genuinely happy to be out there. There is something incredibly wonderful about being out in the woods.  Of course, Perry was thrilled to be out there.  He found every stinking puddle he could; the deeper the better.

The goal had been to do 10 miles, but I knew we were going to be a bit short as I looked at Coconut when we made the turn to head back the direction we came.  I was just hoping that we weren’t going to be too short.  We hit the parking lot at 9.75. Not super short, but short enough. Sigh, oh well.  We were close.  Next week shall be the double digit week, and I will remember champagne to celebrate Bourbon’s Mom finally flipping into the double digits!

When I finally got home and took off my shoes, socks and tights I could see just how gloriously muddy I had gotten. I don’t think I could have smiled any bigger if I tried.  Now THAT was a good time!

But MOM I want to splash in ALL of the puddles.

But MOM I want to splash in ALL of the puddles.



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