Sainted Mary and the Road to Utah


Today I sat down with Sainted Mary and I knew I was going to drop some major news on her that was going to change everything. 

“Mary, I’ve decided to do a 50km. Oh and not just any 50km, but one at altitude.”

I wish I could have captured the look on her face.  It was awesome.  Mary knew at that moment that even though I’m 9 pounds away from my new goal number I am not about to let myself rest on my laurels.  I’m going to push and push hard.

Honestly, the thing is I have absolutely, positively no idea how to fuel my body for anything that is about to come.  Not for the training and definitely not for the racing.  All of this is new to me.

“Mary, I know that there are a million crack pots out there that could tell me how to eat.  I want to learn from someone whose job it actually is. I want to do this race, I want to finish it, and I want to finish it strong.”

As luck would have it,  Mary told me that is going to a sports nutrition conference in a couple of weeks.  As I laid out my racing schedule and subsequent training schedule she started to get really excited.  As much as she loves working with the weight loss clients, she loves sports nutrition, and I am getting ready to really challenge her.

The road to Utah isn’t going to be an easy one.  It’s going to require a great deal of time, discipline, focus, and time out in the mountains camping and training because let’s face it sea level isn’t ideal for training for a race at over 8k feet.  It is, however, one that I am incredibly much looking forward  to.

If you are interested in joining me; they do have races of varying lengths from 5k up to the 100 miler. I have a link and a discount code (D30BKUT15) for you.  Come out, join me!  It’s 262 days away!  What do you have to lose? It will even be fun.  Wait, I really have become a crazy pants haven’t I?



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