EX2 Fall Series: I didn’t finish last!

I’m a little behind the curve writing about last weekends Lake Fairfax 10 miler by EX2 Adventures.  In a word it was AWESOME!

This past spring I had run at Lake Fairfax and it was, well, a train wreck.  That was the race where I may have pushed it a bit too far and paid the price by getting hives…from the pollen….yeah…ANYWAY….I was looking for some redemption.  The great thing about fall in the mid-Atlantic is that you never know what you are going to get.  Sure enough, the morning of the race it was a balmy 24 degrees.  Super, just super. I broke out the ColdAvenger and my regular balaclava not sure which I was going to need.  Nothing says running with asthma like looking like you’re going to rob the nearest convenience store.

Perry and I started off the race at the back of the pack where we are always.  I was just hoping to finish without having an asthma attack.  I learned long ago to keep the goals small when the weather isn’t cooperating.  I think this spring taught me that.  Ok, so secretly I was hoping to finish sub-2.  Living was my first priority though, definitely.

Immediately I noticed a difference in the course.  Did the hills get smaller or am I in better shape?  The hills that kicked my ass this past spring weren’t so bad now.  We started ticking the miles off.  As we came through (and by) the finish line for the 5 milers I looked down at my watch 1:05.  Holy crap, seriously??

We started around on the second lap and my head began to wander.  This is NOT good when you are running a rooty/rocky trail.  I know it, but well when you are ADD and you’ve already seen this course before your mind just can’t help it.  I then proceeded to pay the price (twice) for my mind wandering by going full on superman right onto my left knee (twice).  I even managed to rip a hole in my tights as well as bleed through them.  Meh, the price of trail running I suppose.

What struck me most, though, on this particular course is that I uttered these words; “Oh 4 miles left, that’s an easy day.”  HOLD THE PHONE.  What???  When did 4 miles become an easy day??  No seriously.  I want to know when that happened because holy crap on a cracker, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think 4 miles would be EASY!

God bless Jim and his team, but they always seem to finish their courses on an uphill (those rat bastards).  As I climbed up the last incline and peeked around the timer my soul dropped a little.  I may have even uttered the phrase, “Sonofabitch are you KIDDING me?”  2:02.

I’m thinking if I hadn’t gone all Superman and thought I could fly I would have finished sub-2.  That is, however, just for the record a new PR for me.  And for those of you who are math geniuses, yes, I had a negative split!

OH!!! And the biggest news?  I wasn’t at the back of the pack! Wasn’t even close.  I was 109 out of 121.


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