I’ve gone to the dark side and they don’t have cookies

Four years ago Shooter Girl started CrossFit to help her shooting game.  At three years Karlaand 362 days she started begging, cajoling, coercing, imploring, asking me to join CrossFit.  I resisted and then I resisted some more.  I made every excuse known to man to NOT go to CrossFit.  First, I was too out of shape (true).  Then it was that I didn’t want to get hurt (also true). Honestly, CrossFit scared me.  Shooter Girl had gotten rhabdo which only further intensified my distrust/dislike for CrossFit.  Yet, she went back and she persisted in her dogged goal of getting me to join her.

A couple of weeks ago Sainted Mary mentioned to me, “You know you really need to start adding weight training.”  Followed almost immediately by my wonderful osteopath saying, “So, have you started adding weight training yet?” Followed by Katie G (spin goddess and Biker Barre co-owner) saying, “I agree, you really need to start weight training.”  What?!?! Who are you people and why are you all separately prodding me to start weight training. No!!! No. No. No. No. No.

After three of the most important folks in my life all told me this within two hours of each Yes-Neon-Light-Bianca-Hall-from-Kiss-Herother I saw the big freaking blinking neon sign from the Universe.  Ugh.  (sighs and hangs head) Fine……FINE.  I get it.  Thank you Universe.  Understand.  Taking care of it.  Can you get off of my back now???

I texted Shooter Girl and said, “So, not that I am committing to anything, but how does one even begin to CrossFit.”  I amount of squealing that I got in the return text was palpable.  Yes, after four years she was finally getting her way.  Good Lord, what have I done?

It took me another couple of weeks for me to convince myself that this was a good idea.  I know that this particular gym has an EXCEPTIONAL reputation for putting safety and form first.  This runs counter to most of the CrossFit gyms in the area who, well, don’t have the same reputation.

I finally bit the bullet, gulped my fear, and signed up for their baseline class.  Of course, I told Shooter Girl and I thought she was going to jump the moon.  I mean, it’s not often that I cave on certain things, and for me to cave on something that she had been working on me for that long she probably should relish her victory.

The morning of my baseline I showed up a little early and it was, well, intimidating.  WOW.  I totally felt out of place.  My comfort zone had definitely been left in a big way.  Yikes.   What did I get myself into?  Knowing that this particular facility also has a reputation for being welcoming and community I just hoped that I would be ok (and not die that would also be lovely.) I survived baseline and was told to come back for a fundamentals course before I would be allowed to take any classes. Again, safety first.

Showing up my second time wasn’t really any easier.  I like my comfort zone.  It’s comfortable there.  This, this definitely is not my comfort zone, but I am pushing forward.  The fundamentals class went well and I was blessed off to start taking regular classes.  As luck would have it there was an endurance class that night.  Well, might as well bite the bullet….

The endurance class was smaller than the regular class which made me feel a little less overwhelmed.  Granted, I was coming in way later than the rest of the folks who had been working this particular round of endurance for six weeks, but I tried.  Most of the moves were things that made sense to me so that made the transition a bit easier.  Plus there was running.  YAY running! (Wait, did I just say yay running, who is this person???)

Going home last night I was sore which is a good thing, but not so sore that I couldn’t move (which is also a good thing).  I woke up this morning and could definitely feel the glutes that we were working last night via Bulgarian Split Squats.  I’m very glad I have a healthy relationship with my roller.  First class completed, check.  Didn’t die, check.  We will consider this a minor win.

I am not about to give up Biker Barre nor running.  HECK NO!!!! I am, however, going to use this to push myself so that I can improve.  I  just think that it is going to take me some time to get use to this new environment.  All the new language.  All of the new people.  All of the new equipment and moves.  It’s overwhelming. I know why I’m there, though.  I just hope that Shooter Girl isn’t too embarrassed by me.



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