Half of a half

There is a Stone Temple Pilots song that has the phrase, “I’m half the man I used to be.”  I’m half of half of the (wo)man I used to be!  I’m unofficially down 25% of my weight.  I say unofficially because it’s not on Sainted Mary’s scale (yet!)

I’ve been noticing lately changes in my body composition. Bones where there didn’t use to be bone.  My grandmother’s knobby knees staring back at me.  In an effort to not stand on the scale every day I actually moved my scale out of my house.  Trust me, this was a good thing for my psyche.  Any way, one afternoon last week I quietly got on the scale not really knowing where I was.  As I had relegated myself to only standing on Mary’s scale every two weeks, again for my psyche.  A number stared back at me.  I got off, got back on and there it was again.  I got off and immediately went scrambling looking for my camera.

IMG_6998Are you KIDDING me???  I jumped up and down.  Then I immediately sent an email and text to three of the most amazing women I am proud to call my friends; Katie, Ali, and Kelly.  These three woman have been there for me every single step and I couldn’t imagine not sharing this news with them.  Of course, then I sent an email to Sainted Mary.

I am officially into my “negotiated” weight loss.  See, Sainted Mary is going to cut me off.  My initial goal had been to get down to 150 pounds.  A couple of months ago I negotiated with her to drop that goal by 5 pounds.  I tried for an additional10, but Mary (who knows best) said to me, “Sweetie, if you keep going you are going to loose muscle and with all of the crazy escapades that you and C do you need all of the muscle you can get.”  Begrudgingly I admitted she was right.  This is also why I have adult supervision.

This is a huge milestone for me.  I’m healthier, I’m stronger, but most importantly I’ve done it the right way.  All without starving myself! I am beyond excited as I look forward to the next phase of my journey.


2 thoughts on “Half of a half

    • Next up is maintenance and training for the Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge. Learning how to fuel this new body of mine is going to be a huge learning curve. Mary will be there to help, but still, sports nutrition is all new. Send me the details on your group!

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