Clearing my head with a little dirt

I’ve had a great deal on my mind lately. A co-worker died from an apparent suicide.  A ‘friend’ told me she liked me better fat.  Amongst other issues.  I needed to clear my head badly.  Running on the treadmill doesn’t clear my head; it does quite the opposite, in fact.  When I showed up at the gym today I just couldn’t do it.  The thought of being on the treadmill just filled me with a sense of dread and anxiety.

Now, as an asthmatic running outside in the summer has always been a very big no no. Between wheezing, air quality, and my lungs wanting to explode even attempting it was not on my “allowed” activities from my doc.  However, I finally hit my breaking point and needed some trail time.  Something about dirty always soothes the soul.

I’ve been training with the Maffetone Method part of which is keeping my heart rate within a specific zone.  In my case it’s 136. I did a quick calculation; given the fact that it was 97 degrees out and my heart rate needed to stay at 136, I knew I wasn’t going to be moving at any lightening pace.  I was willing to take the risk. I grabbed my stuff, left the gym, grabbed the dog and we were off for the trails.

Even just pulling into the shade of the park made me feel better.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  As we headed down the trail I kept a very close eye on my HR making sure it didn’t spike and trying to maintain my 136 number.  Almost immediately I began to feel better and my mind began to clear.  Even better, though?  My lungs didn’t hurt.  I did the 4 mile loop at a very slow run/fast walk pace.

When I got done Perry was hot and sweaty.  I was sweaty, but not wheezy.  Most importantly, we both felt better.  Maybe there is something to this whole Maffetone thing.


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