HUGE news: Circa 1995

Sometimes things happen for a reason.  I was scheduled to go camping this weekend.  Instead my plans changed and I was home to receive an email from New York and Company touting their 50% off everything no exclusions sale.  Knowing that; a.) my current clothes are falling off of me, b.) I have nothing in my wardrobe even remotely Fall-like, and c.) I hate shopping AND spending money, I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet. I took this as a sign from the Universe that it was tired of watching me hitch my britches up all the time.

I had looked at the size chart before I even walked into the store so I already knew that I was going to fall somewhere in the 8-10 range.  I picked up a pair of pants in both sizes and headed to the dressing room.  Might as well get this over with, I thought, as I slipped into the size 8’s not thinking they would fit.  They pulled up…. they buttoned….they zipped……


Okay that may not have been the f word that left my mouth.

I looked in the mirror.  I turned around looking at the rear in the mirror.  They weren’t quite perfect.  Five more pounds and they would be good.  Knowing that I have another 10 pounds (15 if I can get Sainted Mary to agree to it) to go I bought them.  HELL YEAH, DAMN SKIPPY I bought them and several more just like them.

It has been over 20 years since I have fit into a size 8.  No wonder why my britches have been falling off.  I am so freaking giddy.  Not only am I still loosing weight, but I’m doing it the healthy way! I am proud of myself.  I’m proud of the choices I’ve made.  And I’m damn proud of the bag full of new clothes waiting to go into the washing machine.



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