Willpower is a super power

I have several friends who are into comics and super heros; you know, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.  I have never truly gotten into super heroes.  OK, that’s not totally true when I was 5 I had Wonder Woman under roos, but I digress.  However, after this week I really think I need to begin to rethink the whole super hero thing.  No, I can’t fly, although that would be awesome, my super power would be willpower.

This week has been exceptionally hard for me.  I have struggled all week with wanting to eat+all+the+thingseat, eat, eat.  My nemesis, the petulant 4 year old in my head who stomps her feet and throws a raging temper tantrum, kept whining how she was HUNGRY and that one day of over eating wouldn’t hurt me.    I, however, have not done that.  I have flexed my super power over and over.  More tea?  Yes, please.  More broth?  Yes, please.  There were days where my nemesis almost won, but she did not.

Yesterday I was faced with my ultimate test; a house warming party with no exchanges left over.  See, I was up at 4am to go running before the temperature got out of control.  This meant, however, I was completely out of exchanged by 2pm.  Uh oh.

I showed up at the party and was immediately faced with all sorts of amazing food choices.  You name it and it was there.  I poured myself a glass of water and ignored the food.  My nemesis started squawking, “Come on, have some chips.  A couple won’t kill you.” I’m not quite sure the fight scene that occurred between Willpower and Nemesis I’ imagining a fight scene like the old Batman TV show (the originally), but I’m guessing that Nemesis wound up bound and gagged because after I walked away from the chip bowl I never heard another peep.  I made it through an entire party without consuming or imbibing a single thing other than water. I’m beyond proud of myself.

Social functions are exactly that, social. Eating (or drinking) calories is my choice.  The word no is a very powerful word.  Having friends that respect the word no is even more powerful.   Every day there is a new test.  Every day there is yet another battle royale between my old self and my new self.  However, every day I am getting a little stronger and a little more powerful.  Maybe there is something to be said for being my own super hero! Hmm, I wonder if they still make Wonder Woman under roos…..


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