Officially gone crazy pants

This week has been a VERY big week for me.  First, I had a discussion with Sainted Mary about lowering my goal weight by 5 pounds which she agreed to.  More importantly however, I have committed myself in writing via money/cash/dollarswhat/dinero for wait for it; over 69.3 miles of running.  What the wha????

See, yesterday I dropped into the mail my EX2Adventures Fall Backyard Burn series registration. Of course the 10 mile option.  Duh.  I do oh so love running with the EX2 crew.  The added bonus is that I’ve really been knuckling down on my heart rate training (for a later entry)  which means hopefully I won’t be dragging my tush around Fountainhead…again…..I’m not doing all 6 of their races as I will be completing the half marathon with Jewell for one of them, but yes, indeed, I signed up for the other 5.  Mildly crazy, but considering that I did their spring series not completely off my rocker.

That was only the foreplay though to the real show this week;


After many fits and starts (and a quick sprint to my car to use my phone to register) both C and I got into the Run Disney Glass Slipper Challenge.  What is this challenge?  It is a 10k on Saturday with a half marathon on Sunday.  Yes, you read that correctly.  19.3 miles in two days.  I’ve officially gone crazy pants.  On the upside, running in Florida in February will be much better for this asthmatic than running in DC in February.  Yes, yes, because THAT’S why I’m running and it has nothing to do with being a crazy pants.  Nope, nope.  Nothing to see here. Move along.


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