Christmas in July

Shopping.  Something most women enjoy and something I detest.  I’ve spoken about how much I dislike weight loss specifically for the clothes shopping before, but I think I’ve found a way around shopping; closet swapping! I have a friend who by way of a medical condition no longer fits into her clothes.  Funny enough, I no longer fit into MY clothes.  Her new size is my old size and vice versa.  It couldn’t be any more perfect if we planned it.

I drove down three large bags of clothes to her house and picked up six.  I told her I had more clothes for her, but I was reluctant to truly empty out my closet and drawers all in one fell swoop.  Something about a completely empty closet is just depressing.   I brought the new clothes home and as I started pulling things out of the bag I laughed because our tastes in clothes are incredibly similar, and we’ve never shopped one microsecond together.  There were a couple of sweaters, cool dresses, tops….it was like Christmas in July.  Oh! And jammies! I now have more than one pair of jammies!!!  Yay!!

As I made my way through all of the clothes I came across a bunch of jeans (she is an awesome stay at home Mom so she needs lots of jeans) I found a pair of 12 skinny jeans.  In my mind as I slipped them on I thought, “Well that would give me something to work towards.”  Wait a second….they fit….NOW!!!!  I took them off, checked the size again, and put them back on.  HOLY BISCUITS, GRAVY, CHEESE AND CRACKERS, they fit!!!! Are you kidding me?????


Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!”
Dr. Seuss,  Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Elation does not even begin to describe the feeling I have right now.  Getting those clothes to fit and knowing that I am not done with my journey yet gave me the confidence to go through my clothes and drawers and put the rest of my clothes into bags for her.  Because some day these new skinny clothes will be too big too for I still have more weight to loose!



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