Weight Loss Journey 6 months: Finding my inner ninja

This post is a little late (by 10 days) but life has been a little hectic lately.  I’ve officially been on my weight loss journey for six months.  I thought now would be a good time to crunch some numbers and really look at how far I’ve come since December.

Every journey begins with a single step so let’s start with the basics of weight.  Since December I have dropped 42 pounds.  Over the course of 26 weeks thatIMG_6523‘s 1.6 pounds a week.  Considering that we are just aiming for a pound a week that’s fantastic.  My BMI has also dropped by 6.1%. I’m also not considered obese any more; now I’m just “regular” fat.  I’ve lost a total of 5.5″ in my waist, 3.5″ in my hips, and 3.5″ in my thighs.  I’m 6 pounds away from being within Navy weight standards! Oh, and I saw a number of the scale this morning I haven’t seen since, um, 1995 if not earlier.

I’ve also shrunk down 2 full sizes and I’m well on my way to my 3rd.  This may also be why I only have a few things in my closet that fit and I’m throwing everything imaginable into the drying hoping and praying that it will shrink.  I’m currently swimming my EIS shirts (as seen to the right), but in the priority list of things to be replaced they fall behind things like bras, underpants, and work clothes.  LOL.

Now let’s talk food.   I mean, what kind of weight loss journey doesn’t talk food?  Honestly?  I am absolutely hands down in love with the exchange system that Sainted Mary has me on.  She gives me my budget, but I am making the choices.  If I want to eat half of a 4″ gluten free bundt cake I can.  I’m just giving up other food.  The best part is that not only am I eating regular food, but I have the flexibility in my day.  Not hungry at lunch (ok, that’s never happened) I don’t have to eat a big lunch.  Now that I have the Tom Tom for exercise I have even more flexibility in how we approach things.  Granted, I will say not being able to eat gluten makes life so much easier.  I can’t eat 99% of the bad food.  I still have my food “sins”, but I will budget ahead for them and yes they are worth every single solitary exchange I spend on them.

There are days where I am hungry.  I’ve gone through countless bags of tea.  Yes, there are days that I wish I could just eat whatever I wanted to include gluten filled foods, but those days are a rarity as well as an impossibility.   Honestly? I’m eating tons of food.  I’m just eating the right combinations of food.  Yes, I know it’s also healthy food (I know, insert groan here).

Support systems are critical for any weight loss journey.  I’m incredibly lucky that I have several folks who are there cheering me on.  C and by extension her family are incredibly supportive.  Any time I see a race that sounds awesome if she can do it she will be there! I can call her up when I’m having a rough scale week and she will get me out of my funk.  Then there is Amy.  She may think I’m nuts, but she is incredibly supportive by making sure that I know she has my back.  There are a number of folks at work who encourage me in various ways.  I have several folks who come to Biker Barre with me and we keep each other honest and I have a couple of folks who always seem to know when I’m beating up on myself and will give me a pep talk. I also have all of the friends and instructors I’ve met at Biker Barre who are amazing in their support, love, and encouragement. I’m a pretty lucky girl in that department.

This isn’t just about weight loss, though, it’s about getting fit too.  Last week I gave myself the Navy PT test and I passed running!  I usually took the swim test as I am a water based creature vice a land based animal.  Maybe that’s changing.  My goal now is to try to pass not for my age group, but to compete against 18 year old me.  That’s going to be my best indication for me of how far I’ve come; compare 18 year old me to 39 year old me.  My plan is to run my ass off this fall to ensure that I can complete the Glass Slipper Challenge (yay registration opens soon!)

I have to say that this 6 months hasn’t been easy, but I’m slowly finding my inner ninja!  The next 6 months are going to really be a time of focus and concentration.  For I have a smaller tutu to buy, smaller clothes to buy, and Navy weight standards to shatter.  Oh, yeah, and I’ve got my eye on being “normal” on the BMI chart too dammit.


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