Trying new things: SUP yoga

Sainted Mary told me a month or so ago that I should throw in something new to mix up my workout routine.  She went on to explain that not only was this to keep my body guessing, but to keep me mentally engaged.  Yes, because I handle change oh so well (that’s sarcasm by the way).  I decided to do something different, but not too different; stand-up paddle board (SUP) yoga.

If you have never been on a SUP think of standing up in a canoe or a kayak while it’s in the water.  It’s like surfing met kayaking and had a baby.  It takes a ton of core work to keep yourself from falling in.  My last SUP experience ended with me getting dumped in the Pacific Ocean and loosing my GoPro.  Oh, did I mention that this class is on the Potomac River?  Nothing like adding a bit of current to make this just a wee bit more challenging.  I must admit I went into this class expecting to be dumped in the drink.  Lucky for me, Cross-Fit Girl was crazy enough to want to try it out too so I had company! Hey if you are going to fall in make sure that you have someone to point and laugh at you!

We paddled to the west side of Roosevelt Island and dropped anchor on our SUPs. This was to keep us in one place for the class.  While we would move around a bit with the current we weren’t going to wind up down by the Occoquan.  The best part?  We were in the shade so I wasn’t going to get cooked like a Thanksgiving turkey (even through my SPF 100).

If the class were done on land it would have been a pre-beginner or even a beginner level yoga class.  However, once you added the layer of the SUPs it was super challenging.  Every pose you did you had to ensure that you were balanced and centered on the board.  It wasn’t just the big muscles you were working but all of those teeny tiny little balancing muscles that don’t get worked hard very often.

Toward the end of class we had the option of doing bridge or wheel pose.  The first time around I did bridge.  The second time we had the option of going into full wheel.  I determined to try it.  I mean, what was the worst that could happen I get dumped into the river on a 90 degree day?  When I lifted up into full wheel not only are you dealing with the balance of being on the SUP but your brain is trying to process the water being where wheel on a SUPthe sky normally is and the sky being where the water is suppose to be.  I said, “Holy crap!” and began to giggle uncontrollably.  (Of course, I came down out of wheel or else I was definitely going to get dumped in the drink.)  The third time around I went back up into wheel again.  This time my brain was more prepared for what it was going to process.  It was still super funny.

As we went into savasana we were encouraged to put our feet into the water.  I must admit I splashed round like a little kid.  I was in a magnificent mood.    While I can’t afford to do it every week, I will definitely be going back.  I wish that they offered this class or the Intermediate at National Harbor because it would be easier for me to get to, especially during the week, but I’ll just have to keep doing the basic class (for now).

Oh the added bonus and I managed to burn 276 calories which is more than Sainted Mary and I had budged for! Hooray!


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