Don’t take this the wrong way but….

Sadly after the Great Smoky Mountain Half Marathon that I am walking with my wonderful friend Jewell, who has amazingly lost 70 pounds; my running partner, C, heads off to a third world crap hole and will be out of pocket for several months.  This means that we are training separately for the Glass Slipper Challenge that we are (fingers crossed) hoping to get registered for.  For those that aren’t initiated, that is a 10k on one day followed by a half marathon the next.  The fact that she won’t be around to train with makes me sad.

In an attempt to rally the troops to help keep me motivated, and not lonely out on the race course, I put together my fall race/training schedule.  I determined that if even one friend signed up for every race that would be a huge help.  I then sent it out to all of my friends/co-workers that I know run, kind of run, ok, I was desperate I even sent it to those that think about running but never get off the couch.  (Hey you never know who you might motivate.)  The responses I got were hysterical (all names removed to protect the innocent);

“Girl.  Just reading that list made me lay down to rest.  That was over an hour ago, and I’m still exhausted.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are a BEAST.”

“WOW. Impressive.  You’re inspiring me” IMG_5284

Sadly, I’m still lacking in people to run with me.  Guess it’s a good thing that I’ve got Perry. He’s always up for a run. Besides, he helps keep me alive so there is that….


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