Why walk when you can run?

Why walk through the forest when you can run through it?? 

Today we all went to the Hoh rain forest. It’s a beautiful patch of ground. Trees 5 plus stories tall.  While it’s not my favorite part of Olympic since its teeming with people I do enjoy the beauty of it. Even with the whining people. 
We decided to head down the trail to go to a waterfall 2.7 miles down the trail. It was gorgeous.  Granted, after yesterday’s 13(ish) mile hike the boys weren’t actually game for another hike. There was a small amount of temper tantrums on the trail especially when the trail went up. 

When we got to the waterfall we turned around.  That’s when I decided to run back; 30+ pound pack and all.   It was the most enjoyable 3 miles. Big trees, huge ferns, and a gorgeous river.  Even with the weight on my back I still felt like I was flying. 


I wish more days could be like this. Just sheer joy. 


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