Channeling Taylor Swift

Today’s mantra was “shake it off.”  C, Brother #3, and myself started off this morning with a gorgeous run.  It was a very short one, only 2 miles, but it was exactly what I needed after yesterday’s disaster. We took our time getting up to Marymere Falls and then I ran DSC_0109the way back to the car. I felt amazing and it was really wonderful to get back out on the trail and stretch my legs.  We had a grand time.  There was no one else on the trail we had the whole place to ourselves.   It was amazing. Then the day started to go to hell.

After we got some food into us, the whole lots of us went to Lake Crescent looking for the Olympic Adventure Trail.  They have a trail race here and we wanted to check it out before we even entertained the idea of running it.  Well, we couldn’t find the trail head so we wound up hiking the Spruce Railroad Trail.  Not a big deal, just shake it off.  We still had a great hike.  DSC_0295We even clowned around for C, who we have affectionately nicknamed “Paparazzi.”

After our hike we had signed up for an SUP lesson through Adventures Through Kayaking a company I had been stalking since the last time we were out here.  The guide, Ben, was absolutely awesome.  The scenery was beautiful.  Well, I had brought the GoPro and I thought that the case it was in floated. Um, yeah, about that.  Apparently someone in the Universe needs that GoPro more than I do.  We saw it, but then we started to drift and we lost it.  Sigh.  That sucks.  Shake it off.  Ok, I might still be working on that one. The boys had an awesome time especially towards the end when all they were doing was TRYING to knock each other into the water.  I honestly think that is the best time that they have had in a very long time.  Not sure it was worth the cost of my GoPro, but meh, it’s stuff stuff is replaceable good times and memories are not.

Total calories burned today 991.  Total miles 7.78 miles (not including the SUP mile).


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