Just like Pinocchio I’m a “real” athlete now

Do you remember the part at the VERY end of Pinocchio where the Blue Fairy (who looks suspiciously like a recycled Disney Princess) comes down and turns Pinocchio into a real boy?

That is kind of how I felt today.  Except instead of a Blue Fairy I got an Amazon box, I feel cheated, which contained my TomTom MultiSport Cardio Watch! I guess this means I’m a real boy, er, athlete now!

I’ve been really going back and forth for several weeks about whether I should actually get a GPS watch with a heart rate monitor or not.  I was having a really hard time finding a single piece that was going to give me all of my needs.  Not just for running, but for kayaking, spin, treadmill, and hiking too.  The hardest parts were the kayaking the spin classes.  However, after bugging asking the local TomTom rep tons of questions, as well as tapping into two of the best watch/technology experts I know I finally decided that I was going to make the leap.  Just as an aside, I didn’t get the FitBit because it wasn’t waterproof, the iWatch needs cell, and the Garmin didn’t make what I wanted.

Why would you do that if you aren’t an elite runner; you may be asking yourself.  It has more to do with getting an accurate account, not only for my distance, but for the number of calories burned.  As I’ve been working with Sainted Mary we’ve been making estimations on most of my activity using the “standard” rules (e.g.; 100 calories per mile). The problem with this is that if I am burning less than we are over estimating my allowed food intake and vice versa. By getting this model not only will I be able to more accurately determine the number of miles I’ve paddled or run, but when I’m doing activities I’ll be able to more accurately determine caloric burn.  What this means is that over time we will be able to better calculate my calories.  This will become extremely important the closer I get to my goal.

What this has also enabled us to do is let me start to dabble in being a free range chicken.  Next week I’m going on a hiking trip.  I have no idea how many miles we will be doing or even what the terrain will be like since we haven’t picked our trails out yet.  Having this enabled Sainted Mary to say, ok, this is your base calories for the day.  Use your watch and whatever you burned in calories you are allowed to eat on top of your daily ration.  This means that I don’t have to plan out every single days mileage, and if you ever met my brothers you’d know what that would be nearly impossible anyway.

I guess you can say, I’m a “real” runner now.  Even if I still come in last place!

Oh and PS, I named it Coconut because it’s lime.  Get it?


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