Confidence and swagger

BKLittle03Regardless of my size I have always worn a bathing suit.  I grew up on the water.  When I was a child I would stay in the water until my lips turned blue and my fingers were beyond pruney. I’d swim, snorkel, water ski, sail, canoe, or kayak in the most bone chilling waters.  I didn’t care.  I have always been a water rat.  Heck, in my family we use to have a race to see who would be the first person in the lake any given year even if it meant there was still an ice coat on it!  That never changed regardless of my size.  I would change the type and style of suit I wore, but I was NOT about to give up being in, on, or around the water.

In this weight loss process I realized I had to order a new bathing suit.  I wanted to get out on the water ASAP, but getting a new suit was kind of a requirement as that falling off of me is much worse than someone just seeing my sports bra.  Something about being naked in public that tends to get the cops involved, I have no idea why….snicker.

See, in the summer I kayak a lot. Since I can’t run outside, but I still want to be outside, kayaking gives me the ability to enjoy the outdoors without all of the perils of, you know, killing myself.  Once the water temps warm up to kayak without a wetsuit (yeah, my days of ice swimming are long over) I try to spend at least one or more days out on the water.  Being out there makes my soul very happy, and as an added bonus it makes Perry VERY happy.

Saturday, after I went for what will probably be my last run outdoors for a while, I put the kayak rack back on the car, loaded up, and headed out for a paddle.  Only something was different.  Oh wait, that’s right, I was wearing a 2 piece!  Granted it’s a tankini, but still it’s a freaking TWO PIECE!!  I wore shorts over the bottoms since car seats get wicked hot in the summer, but still it was a TWO PIECE!!!  Are you kidding me???  I got to the park and there were a TON of people out.  I very happily and contentedly launched the kayak without a single thought about what those people thought of what I looked like in my bathing suit.  I even had to cinch my life jacket in quite a bit.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with myself until Sunday rolled around.

Sunday I decided to try a new place to paddle that I saw on my way to Saturday’s location.  It was a kayak only launch tucked in on the headwaters of a local creek.  AIMG_6294s I offloaded the kayak I stripped down to my sports bra as to not stain my new EIS shirt. Wait, let me get this straight, I was basically wearing a bikini?  Yes, yes I was!  Oh, and I probably should buy some smaller shorts as they were falling off of my butt.

As of today I am down 35 pounds.  The number of inches shrunk is racking up.  I’m starting to get definition and toned in areas of my body that haven’t seen muscles probably since I was in the Navy in the mid 90s.  Granted, I still have more work to do, but I am proud of all of the work I have put in.

Today I am paddling with a group of folks who haven’t seen me since last year.  This ought to be fun!


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