Changes: Inside and Out

Over the course of the past 5 1/2 months I’ve been logging my food, workouts, weight and measurements. It’s become second nature. The thing that I haven’t wrapped my brain around yet is my shrinking body. I’m seeing the changes happen a pound or 1/4″ at a time. It’s really hard to wrap your brain around all of the changes happening at that glacial pace. I even touched on my struggle in my last post. Not to mention I’m avoiding buying any new clothes until I’m swimming in my old ones just to save some money. 

This weekend I flew out to Colorado Springs to see C and run a race (go figure). Unfortunately, the threat level was raised for the U.S. Air Force Academy. That means that they were forced to shut the race down since no non DoD card holders could get on base. Not only did this suck because it was going to be a super fun run, but now we had to come up with Plan B to burn the budgeted calorie expenditure that I had established with Sainted Mary.  C and I decided on yoga. But, but, but I didn’t bring yoga clothes! C to the rescue! 

See, C has a slight Under Armour addiction. She has lots of it. (As an aside I blame her for my growing addiction.)  Her addiction, though, was my saving grace. She had both pants and a top that would fit me. Wait, my SKINNY friend has workout clothes that will fit me?! My inner skinny girl was thrilled. My inner fat girl wasn’t convinced. Then this happened. 

 skinny under armorHoly crap!!! Who IS that girl? This is the first picture where I can actually see the hard work, hours, and many many miles I’ve put in. Even better? I’m only 60% of the way there. I’ve got another 18 pounds I am going to lose. Still, DAMN!!! 

Maybe it was a hidden blessing that the race got cancelled because I fit into my skinny friends clothes!  


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