Director’s Run: Another PR

I woke up this morning to the perfect temperature in my bedroom.  I definitely did not want to get up, throw on my running clothes, and go hang out with the same people I see Monday through Friday.  However, as this was the General’s inaugural event I ripped the band-aid off and removed the covers.  Oh this was going to hurt.

When work sponsors a run, with no entry fee, you sign up for it.  Yeah, you have to surround yourself with people you work with, but still NO ENTRY FEE!!!  That’s the runners holy grail isn’t it?

IMG_6029We got out of the car and I put my pink and orange Glam Runner tutu on.  Hey, all road races require tutus.  Besides, if you are going to make me go to work on a Saturday and run with the people I work with dammit I’m going to have fun doing it.  Someone should have given them the same memo.  I was the only one in a tutu.  What’s wrong with these people??  Do they NOT have a sense of humor???   Sigh.

As with any first time event there were kinks.  The 5k,IMG_6022 10k, and 1mi folks were all picking up from the same line. This meant that the line was super long.  Perry passed his time waiting in line by grazing in the lush grass.  I swear the dog thinks he’s part horse.

However, even with the kinks as with all military events we were starting on time come hell or high water.  At 0755 we received our safety brief (it wouldn’t be a military event without the safety brief.) At 0800 on the dot the 10k folks left the start line.  Now, I’ve run on base before and I knew that the course was going to be on the river for a while.  I was just praying we weren’t going to be barraged with the wind.

Unfortunately, the 10k was going to be a double loop course.  I’ve mentioned before how much I hate double loop courses.  They suck.  You have to run by the finish line.  Talk about demoralizing. I knew that pacing myself was going to be a requirement.  Not only for the miles, but for my poor lungs too.

The good news is, though, that all of those trail runs, spin and barre classes are really paying off.  I managed to run sub-11 minute miles for most of the course.   While road running is certainly easier to run than slogging up and down steep hills, I missed running in the woods.

Perry and I came across the finish line in 1:09.  That’s a new PR for us!  As IMG_6034we caught our breath before climbing in the car to go home he decided that he was starting his nap time immediately.  Hey buddy, I don’t blame you.  I’m right there with you.  Oh wait, I have to drive us home.  Shit.

Ultimately, I’m happy with the way I ran this race.  I ran it with the same plan that C and i have for the race in Washington; run 2 songs walk 1 song. If I keep this up I’m totally kicking my baby brother’s asses in June.


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