Perils and Discovery of Weight Loss

The internet and magazines are filled with “Loose 10 pounds in a week” or “Eat only sardines and drop 5 inches”.  You know those crazy articles touting some sort of ‘new’ way of dropping weight or inches.  Working with Saint Mary (the nutritionist) there are no fads; it’s science.  She weighs me, we discuss my workout plan, we come up with a daily allowance by food group, and I weight/measure and document what I eat, oh, and yeah, I actually do the workouts.  When you have science on your side the weight comes off; granted, one pound at a time.  However, we as humans suck a detecting subtle changes. We also suck at patience which is probably why those articles are so prevalent and pervasive.

I’m pretty sure that these subtle changes are how I wound up swimming in my clothes.  I was sitting on an interview panel last week and one of my male (straight) co-workers leans over between interviews and whispers in my ear, “Dude, this (pointing and circling my outfit) isn’t working any more.”  I looked down at suit I was wearing; ok, perhaps the man had a point.  I was practically swimming in my suit jacket. I also know that when straight men start noticing that you are swimming in your clothes it is DEFINITELY time to go shopping.

Now, I must mention I detest shopping.  One of the worst perils of weight loss is that you can’t shop online since you have absolutely positively no idea what size you actually are.  Combine that with the fact that women’s clothes vary from store to store I knew I was going to have to bite the bullet and actually go shopping.  I called Bella’s Mom and said, “Do you want to go with me?” She jumped at the chance.  I’m fairly confident she leapt at the chance because me going shopping is as rare as a Western Lowland Gorilla.

When I walked into one of my ‘go to’ stores for work clothes one of the sales clerks greeted us and asked what size I was looking for.  I said; extra large.  I mean, that’s been my size.  She took one look at me and said, “Honey, you are most certainly NOT an extra large.” In my mind I immediately thought, “this lady doesn’t know squat and just wants to make a sale” and proceeded to pick clothes off of the rack in what I perceived my size to be. Then I got to the fitting room….

I swam.  Like really really really swam in the XL.  Luckily I had grabbed a L just in case.  Nope, I swam in those too.  Well crap.  This is going to be more challenging than I thought.  Bella’s Mom was more than happy to fetch smaller sizes off of the rack. By the time all was said and done I had dropped 2 full suit sizes and down to a medium in tops.  What the biscuit??  When did this happen?  HOW did this happen??

Bella’s Mom smugly said; “You do realize that every 10 pounds you loose is a full dress size, right?”  Um, yeah, sure I knew that…..

The perils of weight loss is that everything starts to get to be too big.  Bras, underpants, workout clothes, and even my favorite stockings. Being a girl is NOT cheap.  As I tried on these smaller clothes I began to realize just how much my body shape has changed.  Between the running, spin, and torturous wonderful barre sessions I guess I really have changed.  Yes, I stand on the scale and take my measurements every week, but listing it on a sheet of paper doesn’t make it truly real.

I walked out of the store that day with a bunch of dresses and one new suit.  I figure this way as I continue to loose weight through the summer the dresses will hide the swimming a little bit better.  When I got home I started weeding through my closet and drawers pulling out anything truly TOO big.  The pile is getting rather large.  pile of clothesI just bought a shirt at Shamrock that may have to go into the pile soon because when I wore it yesterday it was more like a dress than a shirt. Notice the bag in the right corner?  Those are pj’s I got for Christmas that I can’t wear because they are already too big (and non-returnable).  Luckily, all of this stuff has a good home with several of my friends who have placed dibs on it.

This week I hit another milestone.  A former friend of mine had purchased a pink and orange Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt for me a couple of years ago.  It’s been hanging in my closet with the tags still on it because it had been too small.  Yesterday, I tried it on and it fit perfectly.  Of course I wore it to work!

While the cost of replacing all of these clothes isn’t going to be cheap.  Nor is the work that I am putting into getting this smaller self easy.  It is all worth it, though.  I just keep telling myself that every time I hear the “ca-ching” of the register and my wallet weeps.


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