Best Laid Plans

IMG_3995I couple of years ago I bought pants from Eastern Mountain Sports that I love. I’ve worn them for nearly 24 hours while flying to Africa, countless kayaking trips, and I practically lived in them last summer during the Grand Adventure.  They don’t wrinkle, are SUPER comfortable, cool, and dry quick.

However, last weekend, during Shamrock, it finally warmed up enough to be able to wear them again.  I pulled them on.  Now, I am not a fashion expert, but I am fairly confident when your pants fall down to your ankles while still buttoned and zipped they are too big.  Crap! But I LOVE these pants and I rarely love clothing.  I pulled the draw string as tight as I could cinching them in, but I knew their days were numbered.

When I came home I went to the EMS website looking for these pants.  Oh no!!! They weren’t there.  Ok, granted I did get them a couple of years ago, but still!!!  I called customer service and gave them the item number from inside the pants.  The lovely lady on the phone told me that they weren’t making them any more, but they just so happened to have two pairs left in their store in Massachusetts. I call the Mass store them and ordered both pairs. One was the size I thought would work for now (one size down from my current pants) and one was two sizes down.  You know, so the next time I shrank out of my favorite pants I’d have a back up.  Hey, when I like something I like it.

One tiny flaw in my plan.  They came and I wanted to see just how much further I had to go before I fit into the two size down pants.  I slide them up, buttoned and zipped them.  Um, I can fit into the two size smaller pants now!  I mean this is AMAZING, but now what do I do??? I know, first world problems.  The good news is that if I needed any affirmation that the nutritionist knows what she’s doing now I have it.


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