My people: Back of the Pack

This morning I had an opportunity to watch the Shamrock 8k go. I’m running tomorrow with C, but one of our other friends signed up for the 8k and we wanted to cheer her on. 

As the first wave (the elite runners) took off there wasn’t a smile to be seen. Serious business this was.  They took off like beautiful gazelles. And then they were gone. 

As the wave numbers got larger the tutus, costumes, but more importantly the smiles started to show up. I turned to C and said, “these are where our people are.”  This is where just finishing is an accomplishment. 


Wave 16 departed and we headed for Murphy’s to warm up. As we walked up the block we saw the elites already in their cars and headed out. I just laughed. I have never actually seen the exodus as I’m usually the one rolling in well after those folks have departed (and most likely gotten home and showered). 

Prior to today I was embarrassed by my back of the pack status. After today I’ve realize that I’m proud to be a back of the packer. We may not finish the fastest. We may not win any prize money.  There may not be anyone to cheer us on when we get there. Heck, there may not be any food left. You know what we do get? A finishers medal just like they do. We just have a better sense of humor about ourselves. 



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