Dragons playing rugby

All week long all of my co-workers who run (or who are supportive of me doing this, probably because I am their boss and they are trying to suck up, LOL) have been asking me if I was ready.  I smiled and nodded and said yes.  LIAR!!!

Up until this morning I’ve been handling my anxiety rather well.  Then last night I started having all sorts of nightmares and this morning I feel like I have dragons playing rugby in my insides.  Butterflies they are not.  I don’t know why I am so nervous.  Yet there they are.

This morning I’ve been scurrying around trying to figure out what food I need to bring with me.  Say what?  Food???  Ah, welcome to the joys of being unable to eat gluten.  I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.  Races rarely (if ever) have any post race snack that don’t have gluten in them.  Combine this with being in an unfamiliar town for two nights before the race and it could be a recipe for disaster for my poor GI track.  Lucky for me, not only are my friends super supportive, but the hotel has a microwave and mini-fridge, I’m bringing my blender so I can have my Vega shakes which means (cue trumpets) I will be able to eat!

I know I need to have faith in my training. I need to fall back on the fact that I have already done one of these.  Most importantly I need to keep my shit together.  We shall see how well this goes! Now, to finish packing and hope I don’t forget anything on my list.


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