T-7 Days

It’s amazing how you prep and you plan and then everything goes to hell in a hand basket.  This past week was “suppose to” be my last week of hard training for this next week to be my taper week.  Well…..turns out I am going to have two weeks of taper instead.

During the last major snow storm we had I stepped down onto my patio in my snow boots and got a wicked twinge up my calf.  I thought it was just a charlie horse so I kept going.  Well, a couple of days, four spin classes, two barre classes later I tried to go for a 3 mile run.  A quarter mile in my calf seized up and said, “Lady you are nuts.” I hobbled through the three miles (yeah, not very bright), returned to the car, and immediately called my massage therapist.  She worked on that muscle on and off for 90 minute slowly getting it to release.  When she was done she said, “You are definitely going to be sore, and you are definitely going to need a few days off.”  Well, biscuits, there goes my last week of training. (Insert copious amounts of swear words here.)  Oh and WHY couldn’t this have happened when it was 9F out??  No, it had to wait until it was sunny and 65F.  (More swearing)

Next week at this very moment I will be running with C.  I’m nervous and excited.  Every twinge in my body and every cough I have I’m worried that something is going to thwart all of the hard work I’ve put in.  I know it’s probably nuts, but this means a great deal to me.  I want to not just finish, I want to strongly finish not limp in like I did last time.

Fingers crossed that everything will not only heal but hold up.  I will be a Shamrock Finisher, but I want to get a PR too.  Is that too much to ask for?


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