GAH!!! Two weeks!

Two weeks from tomorrow I will be standing at the start line of the Shamrock Half Marathon trying to not let me breathing get out of control.  One of the wonderful side effects of asthma is when I get over anxious or excited I wheeze.  Isn’t asthma grand?  Lucky for me I have the most awesome friend ever who is also broken, thanks to the U.S. military, and she is going to ‘run’ it with me.  Two broken people=one whole person, right?

Since the weather here has been absolute shit running outside has been curtailed.  Snow is fine, but we don’t get snow . We get ice.  Whee! For two weekends in a row my 10 mile races haven been cancelled due to the ice.  From lemons comes lemonade.  One of the instructors (Lauren) was offering a charity spin class benefiting Children’s Miracle Network, and she had a couple of spaces left!  Hot diggity.  I immediately signed up for her class and then 1130 spin before it.  Yes, you read that correctly, two back to back spin classes.  I just hoped that I didn’t pull a “Bridget Jones” after Lauren’s class.

I did surprisingly well.  I practiced my fueling techniques that I am going to use on race day.  I drank lots and lots of water.  After all was said and done, yes, my legs left like jelly, but in a good way.  Bonus?  We got a group shot afterwards and for the 1st time you can actually see the difference in my body.

Here’s to hoping that the weather (and trails) are decent enough tomorrow for me to be able to get some kind of run in outside.  I need to test out my hydration pack!  Two weeks to race day!


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