Major Milestone: Properly Feeding the Beast

During my first half marathon;  which I did strictly to take the scary out of the upcoming Shamrock Half, I bonked really really badly after mile 9.  I had no idea what the heck I was doing, how to feed myself, or that I would even need that much fuel.  The only reason why I made it through to the end was out of sheer stubbornness.  This trait is good for something once in a while.  You could definitely see just how bad it was in the pictures, the lights were on but NO ONE was home.

As I have been working with the nutritionist one of the things we have been working on is the when/how to fuel.  Given that we are already riding the razors edge with calories because I am loosing weight it becomes even more critical that I fuel myself.  During my last appointment with her we went over the protocol.  Now that Shamrock is a month away and my runs are getting extremely long it is important that I not only fuel with the same stuff I’m going to eat on race day (to keep the IBS monster away), but to also train myself.  This whole fueling your body thing due to this amount of calorie expenditures is new to me.

Last weekend I was suppose to do a 9 mile run.  Due to the temperature being a whopping 9F C and I decided to do a spin and barre class instead.  Given the fact I was sick it was most definitely the right call to make.  This week brought both double digits and fear given my past experience.  Again, it was extremely cold out (at least it was 17F) so I made a date with the treadmill instead.  I downloaded a couple of moves from Amazon and headed to the gym.

The treadmills don’t go above 99 minutes therefore I decided I was going to break my run up into two chunks of 5 miles a piece.  This would give me a “loop” effect and it would also let me do the miles I needed to.  I laid out all of the water and my gluten-free snacks and turned on the movie.  I ran for 4 minutes and walked for 2 all the way through the first 7.5 miles.  I fed myself at the times at the nutritionist had said and I was plugging along.  My first movie ended and I started the 2nd with 2.5 miles to go.  Unfortunately, this movie sucked. I turned it off and turned on my tunes instead.  I started to struggle a little bit both breathing and energy wise.  I made the conscious decision to walk 3 minutes instead of 2.  Yeah, it was going to make the 2nd set a little slower, but this was about finishing the 10 miles mentally and physically intact not about breaking any speed records.  My last walk break came with .5 mile left.  I knew I wanted to run the last .25.  I set out walking .25 and when the counter flipped to 9.75 I started to run again even though my time wasn’t up.

I finished my 10 mile run today running. I felt strong.  I didn’t feel like a limp dish rag with nothing left in me.  My time per mile wound up averaging out to a 12:13 per minute mile.  I’m pretty proud of that.  I have another couple of weeks of 10 milers and I’m really hoping that I can get myself through this fear of bonking again. Exactly 1 month to go until Shamrock!



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