Hydration Vest: Buying a space shuttle would be easier

BISCUITS AND GRAVY!  I think I’ve uttered this swear word stand in at least two dozen times today. Why is finding a hydration vest so ding dang difficult?

Let’s start at the beginning.  Self supporting I am over about 5 miles is difficult.  Why?  First, as an asthmatic I am a perpetual mouth breather.  This means my mouth gets dry quick.  This combined with medicine that is specifically designed to dry you out means I drink water like a fish.  What this translates to is that I have to design my longer runs to be loops so that I can hand carry my hydration flask, drink it on the first loop, and then stop at the car for a refill.  It’s a pain not only in planning, but it keeps me off of some of the prettier trails in the region.

We had both looked at the waist belt systems and had nixed them.  Too much weight, too little water, and too much around the waist.  We both decided that hydration vests were a better option.  While out this past weekend she found a hydration vest after trying on just a few, but the one thing to realize about C is that she is super petite.  Meanwhile back in Dancing-Hippo-land I was having a hard time finding a vest that wasn’t going to chafe my boobs (above or below), my arms, or my waist.

Frustrated with the lack of choices at the local running store, as well as, REI I turned to the trusted interwebs.  There has to be something out there, right?  Apparently not.  The few vests that are out there that are designed for women are designed for tiny petite women, not a Dancing-Hippo like myself.  Then the men’s bags aren’t designed for boobs.  Great googley moogley is there not a single solitary company out there that makes a hydration vest that will fit me?  I swear, buying a space shuttle would probably be easier than this.

Are there any well endowed women out there who can help point me in the right direction?  Please?


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