My Inner Sloth: The animal not the sin

I have an inner sloth.  No, not the cardinal sin, rather, the animal.  Sloths are known slothto be the slowest creature on the planet.  They move so rarely that algae grows on their coat!  The hang in the trees, sleep over 20 hours a day, and have been known to die clinging to the tree and they stay there.  I promise this isn’t a National Geographic article.

My inner sloth dislikes exercise.  He prefers to stay on the couch (in jammies), watch movies, and eat. If he could avoid all types of exercise and eat all day long he would be exceptionally happy.  My inner sloth knows/cares nothing about genetics.  He is a smug SOB.  Unfortunately for me, his will is strong and he has had my inner badass bound and gagged.

I guess you can say my inner sloth is just like one of those exceptionally ill-behaved kids you see out in the store who throw themselves on the ground kicking and screaming until they get their way.  I do what I can to try to short circuit him by;  bringing my workout clothes downstairs so I don’t have to go near the jammie gravitational force field, schedule all of my spin/barre classes a month out and by way of the nutritionist for my weekly calorie counts.

However, there are days where my inner sloth has an outright temper tantrum and doesn’t want to go.  Mentally, these are the days that are hardest for me.  Some days just showing up is a major accomplishment.  I try, on those days, to really push myself harder than my inner sloth thinks I can go as a punishment of sorts to tell him to sit down and shut up. If those days happen to coincide with my cross-training days I will reach out to the instructors to request a song to give me something to look forward to.

Trail DogWhere my inner sloth is strongest are the days after a really hard day, like yesterday.  Yesterday was my 8 mile day.  Two loops of a very hilly trail.  Today I hurt.  My inner sloth is smugly saying, “See I told you that that would suck.  Why don’t you ever listen to me?”  It’s days like today that it really takes a great deal for me to go do what I need to do.  I will admit, I fully worry that one of these days I’m going to be too tired or too sick to fight back and and he is going to take over.  I just am hopeful that my inner badass will be strong enough by then that he won’t win the fight.


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