I’m not fast, I’m persistent

Knowing I needed to add some cross training to my regimen I added spin and barre to my running mix.  It’s kind of a pain to get to considering I have to drive back into DC.  It’s a 40 minute commitment just to get there before I even start class.  I thought it was just going to keep my body guessing, as well as, reduce the amount of pounding on my joints; little did I know that I was going to receive the added bonus of getting faster!

Now, before we start this conversation regarding ‘faster’ let me start off by saying I am not fast as much as I am persistent.  I’m that girl that finishes so far back that the winners and elite runners have received their awards, gone home, showered, and knocked back their post-race meal.  I don’t do “group runs” with some of the various running stores because I’m THAT girl.  I run.  I may not get there fast, but I get there. Don’t think Ferrari think dump truck.

As you know, I’ve been training for Shamrock.  Last week just so happened to be the 6 mile week.  Unfortunately, the weather was crappy which put me squarely on the treadmill.  Not my favorite place to run, but at least I’m still able to train.  I try to not focus on the time during these runs, but rather just the distance.  Just finish.  As I finished up my run I did a double take on the time.  Wait, what?  That can’t be right.  I went back and double checked my finishing time from my last 10k.  I cut 10 minutes off of my 10k time.  HOLY MOTHER OF….I know that we aren’t taking the difference to a 4 minute mile, but I’m pretty proud of it.IMG_5545

You know what this means right?  I guess I made the right decision is signing up for the 6 month membership at Biker Barre.  I’ve sat down and made “dates” with myself as far out as their system will let me schedule.  I’m excited to see just how much I can improve.  Who knows, maybe I’ll actually be able to see an awards ceremony.


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