Happy Feet! A tale of the new shoes

I truly did love my Salomon trail shoes, but they didn’t love me back. One slightly bruised/damaged tendon, two trips to the doc, and two weeks away from barre later I decided that it was time I try something else.  I sent the purple monsters back to REI, and started my hunt for a new trail shoe.  Veronika the best salesgirl in all of Road Runner Sports spoke about Altra running shoes the last time I was there.  She said that she really liked them.  I started my hunt with Altra.

If you don’t know anything about Altra, I highly recommend you check them out for yourself. There are some things about them that made me want to give them a spin.  First, they design shoes for men and shoes for women specific to that gender.  Second, they have a toe box actually designed for toes!  Shocker I know!

I called them before I put my order in and asked them some questions as no running store anywhere in a 50 mile radius around my home had the Lone Peak 2.0.  Their customer service reps not only answered the phone (no phone tree hell!!) but they also were super in answering all of my questions.  Hmmm. A company with customer service I’m intrigued. I will admit I was a little disappointed they did away with the orange colors in the 2.0 version, but unless you are Windows; 2.0 is always better than 1.5.

IMG_5532Today I finally got to take them for their first spin.  They look a little funny with the wide toe box, but my toes have never been happier in a pair of shoes.  Happy feet equals happy me.  With a 0 degree drop they recommend that you run some shorter distances in order to strengthen your lower calf and ankle.  After a 3 mile run I can understand why they would say that.  I do have different parts of my legs that got worked today, in a good way!  If these keep working out I may have to switch to their road shoes too!


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