Getting lost and loosing it

Let’s start with the good news shall we?  Unofficially, I have lost 10.5 pounds now.  I say unofficially because nothing truly counts until I stand on the nutritionists scale.  That won’t happen until next week.  In the mean time, I will take each loss as it comes.  I like to joke that my weight is coming off the way that I run, slow. It’s coming off a pound at a time, maybe even a pound and a half at a time, but the point is it’s coming off! Now onto the not so good news.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve really fallen in love with trail running.  Coming home from work today I glanced at the temperature; 37.  I did the calculus and determined if all I was doing was 3 miles that I was able to get my run in before the sun went down. I dashed into the house, changed my clothes, grabbed Perry and headed out the door.  Knowing I wanted to cover 3 miles I thought I would try the White trail.  It was suppose to be 3.5 miles.  Considering all of the other trails have been running a tad bit short I thought that this would be the perfect solution. That’s what I get for thinking.

We headed out on the trail and started off great.  The trails were a little slick, but nothing that the new trail shoes couldn’t handle.  We hit the 1.5 mile marker turned the corner and I remember “easy peasy” crossing my mind.  Yeah…about that.  We then proceeded to hit this really funky marker another half mile or so down the trail.  Looking at the sign I made the best guess I could.  Yeah, that wasn’t it.  Turning back around we get to the funky sign again.  Nope that wasn’t it either.  At this point the sun is dropping quick and along with it the temperature.  Getting back to the car at this point is becoming exceptionally important; my lungs were burning from the cold, Perry was getting tired (and thirsty), and I didn’t grab any water because it was suppose to be a short run.

Finally, Perry and I get back to the funky area and I just decided to go back to the point where I know that is a cross road that would lead me back towards the car and I take it.  It’s not exactly the marked White Trail, but it would get me back towards the car.  By the time all was said and done we had covered over 4.5 miles and the temperature had dropped significantly.  Grrrr. Not happy.  Note to self; don’t run this one again until either it’s warmer out, or the rangers come through and remark the trail.

Getting lost


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