Things you never expect: 2014

DSCN1330When I started off 2014 I had a singular focus; The Grand Adventure.  I was going to see all of the things that Dad had wanted to see (or at spoken about ad nauseum).  It took me months to plan, but I did it all 7,747(ish) miles of it.  If you had told me in January 2014 that I would also run a half marathon, begin to love spin class, and be planning to run another half marathon I would have told you you were crazy.

185.3 miles. That is how any miles I have logged this year (according to MapMyFitness).  That may not seem like a large number, but when you consider that I didn’t even start tracking my workouts until I came home from The Grand Adventure that is a huge number.  If I had logged any of the miles that I racked up in London or the miles hiking during the Grand Adventure that number would be much higher.  If you just look at Perry Dirty Damselthe races completed since August; 3 5ks, 1 10k, 1 12k, and a half marathon.  That doesn’t even take into account any of the training miles either.  Granted I’m slower than refrigerated real maple syrup, but I get there.  Sometimes I even get to take my training partner with me.  He likes that as you can tell by the smile on his face.

I have some pretty significant goals for 2015.  The 25 meter target is Shamrock.  I am not only training physically for this race, but I am really trying to whittle down my weight so that it will be easier on my joints (and I can go faster).  I want to finish in 3:29:59 or less (since I did my first half in 3:30).  The 50m target is the half-marathon relay in Delaware that I am doing with CrossFit girl.  The 75m target is the Olympic 10k that I am doing with/against my brothers, but also with C!  She and I are determined to beat those former Marines!  After that, I am going to see how the summer is.  Summers in the mid-Atlantic are brutal when you are an asthmatic.  I may be pinned back on the treadmill.  When the fall rolls around I have my eye on a few races.  I am really hoping that D will be back from Iraq by the time the Rehoboth Half Marathon runs.

IMG_5437All in all, this year turned out completely different than I thought it would, but in a good way.  I really hope that this bodes well for 2015.  I have some awesome friends who have not only provided me with great moral support, they have been crazy enough to jump onto this train with me.  I love them all.

My first thank you goes out to Joel.  It was through watching his weight loss journey that fired me up in the first place; you are doing amazing, keep it up!  To T, Dixie’s Mom, Bear’s Mom, Bella’s Mom, Bourbon’s Mom, and CrossFit Girl, thank you!  You guys have kept me going even when I thought I couldn’t.  To D; you do have the legs to pull off that tutu.  Keep your head down and come home safe.  You owe me a the promise of a half marathon.  Gesh, what some people will do to get out of a promise.  Most importantly, thank you to my brothers for telling Dad that my running is “what people do now for a mid-life crisis.”  Love you too.



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