Christmas morning, ah yes, lounging around in jammies, drinking coffee, opening presents…..Ha! That’s funny.  That was most definitely not how my morning went.

This morning I was woken around 5am as Perry has no idea that I had the day off. I did manage to sneak in breakfast and coffee before I got in the car to head to [solidcore]VA.  I was sore from yesterday’s spin/run combo that I did, but I knew that the only way to improve was to continue to push myself.  The drive there was a piece of cake.  Perhaps that was because every other sane person was actually at home in their jammies, drinking coffee and opening presents! I will admit I had some serious misgivings as I pulled up.  I was already tired and sore.  This was going to suck.

[solidcore]va just opened their doors on the 20th of December.  I have been to them before (in DC) and got my ass solidly kicked. As the trails are too sloppy to run and both my gym and Biker Barre are closed I needed something to work my butt today.  I can’t afford them on a regular basis, but this was a break glass situation.  It was this or I was going to wind up sitting on the couch all day and be lazy.  [solidcore] it is.

IMG_5422The new facility is very nice.  It’s bright and airy.  I know the mirrors are there to check your form, but I tell you what they really do is just reflect back how weak and sweaty you are.  Ok, maybe that’s just what I see.

I had really hoped that with all of the running, barre, and spin I’ve been doing that it was going to make this a little less painful.  Ha!  No, no, not really.  As a matter of fact it was just as painful (if not more so) as it was the last time.

There were five of us in class at 8am.  I take a great deal of solace in knowing that I wasn’t the only nutjob who had signed up to have their ass kicked at 8am on Christmas.  There was a couple; he was new, she was on her 2nd class like me, two girls who came in from DC, and myself.  Of course the two girls who came in from DC made everything look effortless. Nothing like being the only fat person in class.

I pushed myself to my limit and beyond.  Every muscle in my body was screaming at me.  Sometime in the first 1/3 of the workout I really wondered what happened to my sanity that I thought that his was a good idea.  I knew from experience that was my inner sloth whining and I told her to shut up and I kept pushing.  IMG_5424

By the time we reached the end I was a sloppy wet shaking mess.  Oh crap, now I’ve got to drive home?  Crap…..perhaps I could let Perry drive?

Honestly, while I do enjoy getting my ass kicked, I much prefer running, barre and spin to do the kicking.  Huh, never would have thought those words were ever going to come out of my mouth.



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