Cross Training: First world problems

Let me start off by saying I wimped out and I am doing the “Couch to Half Marathon” program. I know I could have done a different variation given the miles I have been racking up, but I wanted to have a couple of weeks of less mileage.  Yeah, it’s probably a copout on my part but that was my decision and I’m sticking to it.
All of that said, I’ve really been struggling try to figure out what I am going to do for my mandatory 2 days of cross training a week. The gym that I am a member of only has Zumba classes on the 2 days that are scheduled for XT.  YICK!!  Definitely not a zumba person.

I really LOVE the yoga studio I go to, but CorePower Yoga is 30 miles away which during the week in traffic might as well be the other side of the moon.  I am, however, considering doing yoga (a level 1) on the afternoons after the long runs (on Saturdays).  That still doesn’t solve my cross training problem. I know this is TOTALLY a first world problem.

I’ve tried shifting my XT days to the weekends to allow me to bounce between CPY and Biker Barre which are much easier to get to on the weekends then they are during the week.  That being said, the mileage is going to start ticking upwards shortly and there is no way I am going to be able to do a 6-10 mile run during the week.  Not to mention 4 days of running back to back is hard on the body.  Especially a body that is carrying extra weight.

I think the solution may be trying a month of unlimited Biker Barre and seeing if I can catch the weekday classes.  There is a slight flaw in my plan though and the slight flaw is me.  When I get home from work I dislike leaving again.  This plan of me getting to Biker Barre is going to require me going home, changing into my workout clothes, and leaving again.  I can’t go straight from work because HRH Perry would not like being left home alone that long.  This is definitely going to require a massive amount of willpower to fight against not only my desire to put my jammies on, but my inner sloth as well (not to mention the absolute darkness that seems to come at 3pm).  Sigh.  I miss daylight.

It would be much easier if I had friends that I was meeting there; therefore, having a sense of duty and obligation to go. Unfortunately, that is not the case.  I know I should have the sense of duty and obligation to go for myself, but let’s face it if I had that kind of duty and obligation I wouldn’t have pick a gym based on it’s direct path between work and home so that I HAVE to go otherwise I’d feel completely guilty.

January is going to be a very interesting month.  Here’s to hoping that I can display some strength and willpower I didn’t know I had.  I know if I can get through January February ‘should’ be easier.  One would hope.


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