In the pursuit of the Shamrock: Oversight Required

CaloriesinoutMost “normal” healthy people don’t exercise and when they are done mentally celebrate the number of items they have “worked off” in the process.  I noticed recently that I was starting to slip back to the dark and scary place I’ve been before.  Every item I was putting into my mouth I was mentally calculating what it would take to work it off.  When I was at an exercise class or on the treadmill I was calculating what “sins” I had committed during the day and pushed myself harder in order to work them off.  Yeah, definitely time to reel that crap in before it gets out of hand.  After careful consideration and prompting/encouragement from Miss M I decided that if I am going to run the Shamrock Half in March I need to do it healthy.  Enter the nutritionist!

If you are considering visiting a nutritionist the first rule is that you have to be prepared to document every single item that goes into your mouth.  Every.  Single. Item.  The second rule is that you have to be honest.  This includes the 2 M&Ms that you eat out of your bosses candy jar.

I knew going in that she was going to want to track everything so I had started a food journal before I even sat down with her.  I also knew that I was going to have to be honest with her about my past, both extremes of it.  The only way that this was going to work is if it all came out.

I started the appointment off by me telling her what my goals were; the half marathon, the number I want to see on the scale, and the size of clothing I’d like to fit into; in that order.  My number one priority at this point is training and running the half healthy.  We discussed the training plan and she said her desire was for me to only loose 1 pound a week while in training.  Fair enough.

There are two more rules that you have to know.  The third is that you have to be willing to listen to what they have to say.  The fourth rule is that you actually have to DO what they say.  Coming out of the meeting I have a new way of tracking food by way of exchanges vice calories to try to keep me out of the dark and scary place.  I have a new run down of how much of what types of food I am suppose to eat.  I also am to start keeping track of the measurements as well as my weight.  Believe it or not, she also increased my caloric intake by 200 calories a day.  Now, before you say anything, I’m allowed 200 calories by way of 1 extra protein exchange and 1 extra fruit exchange.  I don’t get to down a candy bar every day.

Honestly?  I think she sees me as a challenge and I am ok with that.  Bring on the training!


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