Rhino Horn

I have been experiencing pain in my left foot now for weeks.  It started during the Dirty Damsel trail race. I had purposely worn old running shoes because I knew they were going to get trashed.  Little did I know I was going to trash my feet.  (It’s only 1 run, it’s only 3 miles…) During the run I pulled a muscle in my foot.  Thus began my slow decent into pain.

Flash forward several weeks.  I could no longer walk barefoot.  The first few steps whether it be first thing in the morning or after sitting for 5 minutes was unbelievably painful.  When I was sick and unable to run it actually got worse instead of better.  I finally broke down and made an appointment to see a podiatrist.

Thirty seconds into my appointment he was feeling my foot and on the second “does it hurt here” he had to peel me off of the ceiling.  Honestly, he’s lucky I didn’t deck him.  Xrays were done and guess what?!  I have a rhino horn!  Do you see it?


Do you see it?  If you look at my foot sideways it actually does look like a rhino horn.  I want to come up with a name for him.  Anyway, that is technically a heel spur.  It comes from the bone trying to compensate for the plantar being too tight.  Of all of the things the military forces you to stretch out I’m truly surprised that they don’t teach their people to roll out their feet.  But I digress….We shot my foot with cortisone and I was told to roll it out every night for at least 5 minutes preferably with ice.  He wants to see me back in a couple of weeks.

Today it was rainy and gross and I just had the injection yesterday.  All three of these reasons could have given me an excuse to just go home and put my jammies on.  With the day that I had at work I needed to stretch my legs a bit. I told myself I was only doing 30 minutes in whatever form that took.  I wound up doing 2.4 miles in that 30 minutes.  Not my best time, not my worst time, but I did it.  I’ll clock it up as a win.

Now, what should I name him, my rhino horn that is?


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